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The Mission has always been the heart of San Francisco, and this year the Mission became the place where science and community activism joined forces to combat a deadly virus and to serve the people most in need.

More grist for the schools debate. The CDC recently concluded a study showing teachers to be the main source of transmission in one district’s schools.

Is the CDC following the science? Charging weak CDC guidance contributes to inadequate workplace saftey, National Nurses United calls on the CDC to explicitly recognize that Covid is transmitted through infectious aerosols.

Locally, a man was stabbed to death at the SOMA West skatepark.

While waiting for The Vaccination, scroll down for today’s Covid numbers.

As of February 23, 19 percent (142,517) of San Francisco residents over 16 have received one dose, whileover  7 percent (51,721) have received two. On February 23, 3250 shots were delivered to San Franciso residents, bringing the seven day rolling average of shots per day to 3819.   For information on where to get vaccinated in and around the Mission, visit our Vaccination Page.

Estimates for San Francisco’s R Number range from .49 to .84 for an average of .74. California R Number estimates range from  .5 to .73 for an average of .62.

Between January 22 and February 29,  DPH recorded 292 new cases in the Mission for a cumulative total of 3877, or 65 positive tests per 1000 residents.

For the week ending February 16, the seven-day average of daily new cases in the City was 79, or 9 new cases per day per 100,000 residents. The average daily new case number has dropped 79 percent since the peak in January.

Based on a group’s population, Latinx residents had a case rate of 242 in January. Thus far in Februrary, the new case rate for Latinx is 48, for Native Americans 36.7, for Blacks 32.5, for Asians, 17.6, for Multi-racials 10, for Whites 13.5 and for Pacific Islanders 0

For the week ending February 22, the rate of weekly change in Covid positive patients fell 19 percent.   During that week,  the seven-day average availability of ICU beds was 33 percent and Acute Care availability was 26 percent. On February 22, DPH reported those with Covid  were 10 percent of  ICU patients, and 4.5 percent of Acute Care patients. 

Of 112 San Francico Covid patients reported to the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, 81 were being cared for at UCSF, Kaiser and SFGH.   

 Between December  21 and February 21, Mission residents took 30,485 tests with a posivity rate of 4.55 percent. Castro, Noe Valley and Glen Park had positivity rates for that period below 2 percent. Bayview Hunters Point and Visitacion Valley had positivity rates in excess of 7 percent.


So far in February, 51 unhoused SF residents have tested positive for the virus. The most current total number of positive tests for unhoused residents is 658.

Cumulative Covid Deaths in San Francisco

While we revise our Covid deaths graph, here’s the DPH chart taken from their website:

DPH reports 1 new death among the unhoused, bringing the total to 3. Counting Covid deaths seems more an art than a science, particularly because not  all states in the U.S. or counties in California have the same definition for which deaths get reported in official Covid statistics.  In San Francisco DPH reports those deaths “suspected to be associated with COVID-19 or have COVID-19 listed as the cause of death. Deaths are reported by medical providers and the medical examiner.”  Underlying conditions, though a key factor in Covid deaths are difficult to assess. Currently DPH reports 67.8 percent of SF Covid deaths had one or more underlying condition, whereas 2.5 percent had none.  The rest were unknown.

Mark Rabine

Mark Rabine has lived in the Mission for over 40 years. "What a long strange trip it's been."

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