The front entrance to the skatepark, where the 24-year-old lay down on the ground after being stabbed, and before being taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Photo by Clara-Sophia Daly.

A stabbing near the SoMa West Skatepark at Duboce Avenue and Otis Street on Monday evening left a 24-year-old man critically wounded.  He was pronounced dead at the hospital later that night, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

One witness was Terrel, a 23-year-old professional skateboarder, who was skating at the SoMa skatepark Monday night when he noticed two unhoused people in a blue tent set up on the median underneath the freeway.  They were fighting in the tent. At first, he thought one of the individuals was going to get hit by a car.

Terrel said the 24-year-old who was fatally wounded in the altercation was getting kicked into the street. He had a phone, and Newall assumed he was trying to call someone, but the 19-year-old suspect kicked the phone out of his hand. 

The blue tent on the median underneath the Central Freeway near Duboce Ave and Stevenson Street. Tuesday night, the tent still remained.

Terrel said that the victim was kicked in the face and fell onto the ground. When the victim got up, Terrel realized he had been stabbed. “And I was like damn, he’s like bleeding a lot, it was a lot of blood.”

The two men continued arguing, and Terrel went back to skateboarding.

Terrel explained later that he did not call 911 because of the way he grew up. “That’s just none of my business. I have seen hella shit, and that is just how it is.” Terrel also said he knew the man was bleeding and hurt, but it wasn’t clear that he was suffering from life-threatening wounds: “He seemed fine from what I was seeing.” 

Terrel said the stabbing victim then came through the door of the skatepark and lay down in the back of the skatepark.

A 14-year-old skater said when he arrived at the skatepark at around 8:25 p.m. he saw the victim laying down in the entrance, his face and chest bloody. 

“My friend was on the phone with the medical fire workers,” he said. 

“His body was just laying right there. He was bleeding, and at first, I didn’t know what happened, until my friend told me he got stabbed.”

At that point, all the other skaters started to come and see what was happening, and the police came around 3-4 minutes later. “They came pretty quick,” he said.

All the skateboarders Mission Local spoke to at SoMa West Skate Park and Potrero del Sol skatepark, the two main skateparks in San Francisco, agreed that neither the victim nor the suspect were skateboarders. 

A 16-year-old skater said, “We’re like a family. If it were a skater, everyone would know.”

The day after the fatal stabbing, the SoMa West Skatepark was filled with skateboarders. Photo by Clara-Sophia Daly.

Vic, a 24-year-old skater who comes to the skatepark often, said homeless residents  have been “right outside the park on the sidewalk recently,” and that he has seen people sleeping inside the park after the lights go off around 9 p.m. 

Police responded to a call at 8:30 p.m. and found the 24-year-old man suffering from an apparent stab wound to his torso. The victim, whose identity has not been released, had no fixed address, according to the police. 

An investigation determined that the victim had been involved in an altercation during which the victim was stabbed in the torso, police reported. 

James Christian Moncrief, the 19-year-old suspect who allegedly stabbed the 24-year-old, was booked at the SF County Jail and charged with homicide and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. Moncrief also has no fixed address.

According to witnesses, after Moncrief stabbed the victim, he did not flee and was present at the scene of the crime when the police arrived. 

This story is ongoing. Stay tuned for updates. 

While an arrest has been made, this remains an active and ongoing investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the SFPD Tip Line at 1-415-575-4444 or Text a Tip to TIP411 and begin the text message with SFPD. You may remain anonymous. 

Clara-Sophia Daly

Clara-Sophia Daly is a multimedia storyteller and reporter who has worked both in print and audio. A graduate of Skidmore College where she studied International Affairs and Media/Film studies, she enjoys...

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  1. The local residents opposed this facility at the time for this very reason: it would attract crime and violence. Sad that they should be proven correct in this way.

    1. The tent was on the median, not the park
      The altercation was in the street, not the park
      The park attracts skateboarders, … the homeless have been along that stretch of road well before the park.

    2. As someone who lives in this area I can say this is a rare occurrence and you should stop projecting. This development is a great/ free resource for youth and others. This baiting you are participating in detracts from the larger issues pertaining to housing and how we are not directing resources to those who are most vulnerable to violence.

    3. Homelessness is a reality everywhere in the city as is violence. Young people have a right to space, this is an issue of the city not providing necessary services for at risk young adults and teenagers experiencing housing instability.

      You act as though the skate park caused the violence, it did not.

    4. The stabbing had no connection to the skateboard park. Neither the victim nor the suspect were skateboarders.

    5. Tom, your comment sounds like you didn’t read the article. Try again then think about your comment. It’s unfortunate that Mission Local’s headline made it sound like the incident originated at the skate park. Alas, it would’ve happened whether the park was there or not.

    6. This literally had nothing to do with the park. This could have happened anywhere in the Mission. Did you not even read the article? I’m very glad the park is there! It gives neighborhood folks a safe place to skate.

    7. Did you not read the part about them being houseless individuals who had nothing to do with the skatepark?
      Fucking moron.
      Skateparks keep kids busy and AWAY from crime and violence that is CLEARLY on the streets.
      The smart kids do what Terrel did… mind their business.

      1. Terrell could have saved a life if he had just called 911. That doesn’t require any involvement in the situation from him. The man murdered had a family who loved him and deeply grieving. What if that was your friend? Brother? Cousin? Son? Wouldn’t you have wanted someone to the bare minimum and call 911?

    8. The altercation occurred between two homeless people and it just so happened to be at a skatepark. If you think a skatepark “attracts violence” then you’re a buster ass fool lmao.

    9. By “facility” do you mean the elevated freeway? The victim was stabbed while inside a tent on the median.

    10. How did the skatepark play a role in this? It was two non-skateboarding, houseless people that were involved in the altercation. This could easily have happened blocks away…this doesn’t prove what you think it does.

    11. @Tom -seems like when a homeless person stabs another homeless person to death, the attention should be directed at our approaches to housing/homelessness/mental illness. It’s a huge stretch to blame the existence of this skate park for “crime and violence,” especially since this is a single occurrence. Show me a pattern of crime and violence with a probably causal link to the skate park, and I might be more inclined to agree with your point.

    12. Tom, I’ve lived on 1300 block of Stevenson St for 8 years. Violence like this happened long before the skate and dog parks were installed. You think keeping a parking lot under the freeway would have prevented this violence? That’s ridiculous. RIP to the man stabbed, there is too much violence in our city and we need to address the root causes, but this in no way was caused by the (community supported) skate park.

    13. Tom, I’m not sure you read the article. Neither the assailant nor the victim were skaters, they were part of the homeless population that is prevalent throughout this city. The fact that this happened next to / inside the skatepark is just a product of the fact that the skatepark is located in the area under the 101, which as I’m sure you have seen is prime real estate for tents due to relatively low foot traffic and cover from the weather. The skatepark did not provoke this incident.

    14. I regularly go to the dog park next door and have never seen an incident inside the skate park with the skate boarders. Unfortunately I have seen several incidents with the people living in the tents in that alley between.

  2. I always find it interesting when advocates ask residents to not fearmonger about homeless people drawing crime by saying that the homeless are most likely to be victim of crimes themselves, because, well, case in point.


  3. “That’s just none of my business. I have seen hella shit, that is just how it is.”

    dude can fuck his career. That’s called being raised shitty

  4. K reality check , it’s messed up that he just let the guy bleed out.
    Papers like Mission need to provide more balanced coverage of the SFPD. Cops as a rule are trying to keep the public safe, but the coverage here creates a distorted perception that gets people killed. The irrational fear of calling 911 got a person killed.

  5. Tom, sorry but you are WRONG. it’s not the skate park that “attracts crime and violence”. It’s a public space in this city where we have too many mentally ill and disheveled living on the streets. Have you not been to any other park, public space, even a library and seen what’s going on in this town. We should be funding and building more bike and skate parks all over, those are great outlets for kids and adults that may not be interested in mainstream sports. Too often skaters get a bad rap and labeled punks due to being individualistic and non conforming. Embrace them and nurture them like the city has for all of its oddities we have to come to love here, including homeless miscreants sleeping under a freeway.

  6. Don’t speak for all of us! I own a condo one block from this skate park and I adamantly support this facility. If you read the article, you would know that the violence was not committed by skaters.

  7. Tom, you’re sorely mistaken. This facility has nothing to do with what happened, this was an altercation between unhoused people near the skatepark

    The skatepark is a vital piece of recreation for SF’s youth.

  8. The title of the article seems to indicate the skatepark was the site of the incident. However, the details of the article indicate the tent which both unhoused men were occupying under the overpass was the actual site of the incident. Hence, you get inaccurate comments that the skatepark attracts crime and violence.

  9. Tom,

    So, you blame the skateboard park for the murder?

    There’s an attached dog park; you opposed to that too?

    Before these amenities were constructed here it was a lot full of rental trucks used after hours was a working locale for crack whores.

    You prefer that?

    Go Giants!


  10. The photo shows what I see every time I see skateboarders – no masks. The young men are too cool to wear a mask I guess. Apparently, too cool to call the police when they see an altercation with blood everywhere. Strange way of thinking they’re being cool, acting so self-centeredly.

    1. Use your urban eye and check the lack of graffiti–that’s a fucking stock photo from years ago (step up your game Mission Local )

  11. This is a reason not to call an ambulance for a stabbed guy? Shameful.

    “Newell explained later that he did not call 911 because of the way he grew up. “That’s just none of my business. I have seen hella shit, and that is just how it is.” Newell also said he knew the man was bleeding and hurt, but he “seemed fine from what I was seeing.”

    “Newell said the stabbing victim then came through the door of the skatepark and lay down in the back of the skatepark.”

    1. Yeah, god forbid a teen not want to get involved in some violent activity he observed and may cause blowback onto himself.

      I get where he was coming from. In the streets you don’t say a thing, you don’t get involved and you stay alive. Anyone saying otherwise, well, happy for your awesome trouble-free upbringing.

      1. Ken, the witness is a 23 yr old man—full grown adult, not even close to a teen. And nobody is expecting him to physically endanger himself by getting in the middle of the fight. Simply: to make a discrete phone call afterward. I don’t think we should act like it’s acceptable to stand by and watch someone pointlessly bleed to death in front of you, simply because “that is just how it is” and it’s “none of my business.” That doesn’t sound like someone afraid of blowback. It sounds like cold indifference, and it’s not right.

    2. And I just want to say I personally don’t think it’s right, but I understand what he meant. It’s just a sad situation all around.

  12. The mixing of the established skateboard park and increased homeless service in the area is not a good mix. This area is over saturated with Navigation centers for the homeless one center is on 12 street and another center opened recently @ 33 Gough street. Mayor London Breed promise of increased police patrols more street cleaning for residents never happened. The mayor continues the legacy of fraud , failed city service of Mohammed Nuru.

  13. i totally get not calling the cops on non-violent crime, but… not calling an ambulance… after a person got stabbed and was bleeding out… because “that’s just none of my business”… what…

    1. This person who witnessed what happened and DIDNT call the cops is just as much at fault for my brothers death.

  14. This is so tragic. I’m a neighbor and a local skater at that park. RIP to the young man who was stabbed…this brings up issues of how we as a community can address homelessness, poverty, and criminal justice. However, the headline is misleading and takes us away from that discussion . Could the headline be changed to say that the stabbing took place “outside of the park” instead of “at” the park? (He was found dead at the park but the incident took place outside of it and not related to the park). The misleading headline could bolster claims from people who seek to close the park (which has happened before at SoMa West and the city still closes other skate parks earlier than they used to, like Potrero).

      1. Thanks for updating that headline! Thanks for the great coverage overall, and for being a leader in journalism in the Bay. SFGate still hasn’t corrected their headline 🙁

  15. I knew the victim well. He was a friend a good one. He went by trippie on the street. It’s unreal this has happened he was a real human. A person who was homeless not a “ homeless person “ as for the professional skateboarder. He should have been a real man and stepped in or at very least called the cops. For Gods sake it was a murder. It’s a f up Mentality that you cannot help a human Dying infront of you but yet he went back to skateboarding? Wtf cold asf. Cristian ( trippie) was just in LA I just saw him a week and three days ago and he hugged me. We smoked a bowl together and talked about his plans. He had plans to work on a weed farm and to save money. He recently had a Dog that was put down because of a Karen that was concerned for the dog so she called 911 and they put his Dog down. He was tore up about it. He had gone through so much and was actually trying to help out his friends and trusted them he was trying to get them on a job he was already on in Humboldt County. One witness is a guy named Jacob In which there are no reports of but it was cj that killed trippie. They we’re not in a gang they were not drug dealers it is not snitching this is a brutal and cold murder that was pointless with no justifications. It is weak to think that it is OK for a man to bleed out and just go back to skateboarding. Thankfully a 14-year-old had better sense than a 24-year-old “ professional skateboarder”. Trippie had many people in Hollywood that loved him and was known . He was originally in Colorado and had just come back a couple of months ago to Hollywood. He even asked me to go to Humboldt with him but I got a bad vibe and trusted my instincts I just had no clue that he was going to go through that it tears me up. We cannot except that murder is normal or that “ this shit just happens”. Men need to be real men and stand up against wrongful heinous acts. Someone getting stabbed to death and then kicked in their face bleeding out on the floor isn’t the same thing as minding your own business because you see a drug deal going down in front of you. If it was your brother there would be no “ code” on Snitching besides the murderer was in front of you you saw it happen. Imagine dying while people are skateboarding around you? Wtf. RIP TRIPPIE see you one day brother

    1. Whoever you are please reach out to me on Facebook (Samantha Esslinger). I’m Trippie’s sister, thank you for your kind words. These people have no idea who he was and how loved he was.

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