I’d always wanted to try West of Pecos, but for some reason, I thought it was a BBQ joint. Basically, though, this is straight-up Southwestern fare, with standards like fajitas, queso and chips, and good ol’ San Antonio-style puffy tacos. And they did have a BBQ brisket puffy taco, so I had to get one, right?

Our takeout dinner.

It was definitely puffy, and withstood the walk home without deflating, but the queso had kind of congealed on the shell. The flavors were good, and the puffiness puffy.  The BF got the fried chicken, which remained crispy and hot, but unfortunately was pretty bland.

Be warned – their homemade red salsa is very mild, so we used our own hot sauces to doctor up the chicken and the side of green rice and beans I ordered with my taco. The BF’s mashed potatoes and spinach were filled with flavor and buttery goodness.

The coconut creamed corn, however – well, besides not knowing what coconut creamed corn is doing on a Tex Mex menu – was an odd-tasting mush.  On the other hand, the Brussels sprouts (that I hadn’t even ordered – they’d accidentally made an extra order and kindly gave them to me on the house), with lemon aioli, were great – nicely browned, flavorful, and plenty of them.

West of Pecos’ menu includes an Impossible burger, a “regular” green chili burger, various enchiladas, fish tacos, and even a jackfruit taco.  They’re also serving cocktails and beer/wine to go, and you can order via Caviar for delivery, or call in your order, like I did, and avoid the middleman.

Before the lockdown, whenever I’d stroll past the inviting, big open windows of West of Pecos, it was always a lively, festive scene. Even now, on a Friday evening, with Valencia Street closed to traffic and bustling with youth, they seem to be doing pretty well.  Here’s hoping every place in our neighborhood does well, survives the pandemic, and even thrives.

West of Pecos
550 Valencia Street