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While Pizzeria Delfina now has several locations around the city, it all started here, and it’s a neighborhood favorite with good reason. In the halcyon, pre-COVID-19 days (remember those?), there was nothing more pleasant than to sit at a sidewalk table with a perfect slice in one hand and a glass of vino in the other, no masks in sight. Ah, memories.

But this is where we are now, and we’re all in it together. I have to say, though, that ordering by delivery didn’t do the pizza many favors (I blame DoorDash for this, not to mention the hefty service/delivery fees they charge.) The food arrived earlier than requested, but the pizza was lukewarm. The Neapolitan meatballs, however, were fantastic, the best in recent memory.

The pizza was a special – basil pesto, potato, pecorino, and Romano – with all profits going to The National Urban League, a civil rights organization advocating for economic and social justice on behalf of African Americans and against racial discrimination), through the end of August. So not only are you helping a Mission business, you’re contributing to a very much needed cause. And don’t get me wrong: even cold, it was a tasty Neapolitan-style pizza, delicate and Spring-y. We did heat up a couple of slices in the toaster oven. Much better. We also got a salad of little gem lettuces, avocado, and pistachios, with a not-quite-assertive-enough Green Goddess dressing.

Delfina takeout.

The menu is wide and varied still, and you can get favorites like saffron arancini, Chicken alla Diavola, and desserts, too. They’re also offering items from their kitchen for retail: vinaigrettes, pasta sauces, pasta Bolognese kits, whole lasagnas for reheating at home, gnocchi, and bottles of wine and bubbly.

Pizzeria Delfina has always been a place of simple, well-executed and satisfying food, in a lovely setting. Until we can get back there, let’s do our part to help them out.

Pizzeria Delfina
3611 18th Street

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