Julia Ortiz-Aragon, 28, sits on a nearby stoop and shows off her Sean Monterrosa necklace, which she said was passed out at the beginning of the block party.

Good Morning Mission. Welcome to Virus Village, your daily data dump.

Testing.  Daily testing with positive results continue to fall from last week’s high of 171. Over the weekend 204 cases were added. This morning, the San Francisco Department of Public Health reports 68 new cases.

The seven day average of new cases as of July 10 is 59. The seven day average of new cases per 100,000 residents as of July 9 is 7.4 (approximately 64 new cases daily). Still well within the red zone.

On July 10, based on 2,025 tests, the positivity rate was 2 percent, below the overall average of 3 percent.

Deaths.  The death toll in SF remains at 50. The rate of fatalities to infections in the City, based on today’s figures, is nearing 1 percent. Sounds good, until you realize this is about ten times the rate for seasonal flu. Note: The number of those infected without symptoms (unknown, and widely variable depending on who’s talking) would bring the rate down below 1 percent.

Hospitalizations.  New cases continue to bring in new hospitalizations. As of Saturday July 11, there were 86 Covid patients reported in SF hospitals. This represents 2 new patients admitted to ICU and 4 new patients in Acute Care.  It also includes 18 patients transferred from other California counties.

As cases increase, severe cases continue to increase, requiring hospitalization. There has been a 22 percent change of the three-day rolling average of hospitalizations over the previous 7 days, still in the red zone.

DPH reports 402 ICU beds currently available and 762 Acute Care beds available.

Other. Dark Ages Donny continues to trash talk Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.  However, over the weekend, he did take Dr. Fauci’s advice and donned a face mask while visiting Walter Reade Hospital. Though not a big deal in itself, apparently his action gave permission to Republican governors and mayors to recommend and/or mandate face masks in their jurisdictions.

Lovely piece today on Jose Montes, who talks about what it is like to be alone during the pandemic, and what is missed.  Over the weekend, friends celebrated, police shooting victim Sean Monterrosa. And the shenanigans at Public Works never stops.

HiGeorge, a data visualization startup, developed some new visualizations for Mission Local, which we will be using and fine-tuning in the days to come. 

Mark Rabine

Mark Rabine has lived in the Mission for over 40 years. "What a long strange trip it's been."

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