Serrano’s is our go-to pizza joint for takeout, yet I’ve never reviewed it.  Not like we can keep it a secret – it’s extremely popular in the neighborhood.  And with good reason: NY-style pizza, two slices for the price of one, and a menu full of other favorites, like lasagna, salads, wings, meatballs, garlic bread and calzones.  You can still call in a slice or order online, and of course, you can still have a whole pie delivered.  I’ve never seen more than two customers inside at any one time during this lockdown, but there’s always someone standing outside waiting for their food.

For pizza, we had our favorite slices: pepperoni, sausage, and salami.

The thing we love about their pizza is the good, chewy crust, and the juiciness of the toppings (i.e., just the perfect amount of grease!)  We also tried their baked cheese tortellini for the first time, with added meatballs.  Now, Serrano’s tomato sauce is pretty neutral – you can doctor it up as you please.  The meatballs were actually quite tasty, the tortellini just fine once we helped the sauce with some oregano, hot chili flakes, and parm.  The green salad came with the pasta.  It was plenty of food for a second dinner, or late-night snacking.

While pizza places may be one of the least hurt restaurants during this pandemic, don’t forget to support them!  We’re still all in this together.

Take out from Serrano’s

Serrano’s Pizza and Pasta
3274 21st St.

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  1. A slice from Serrano’s Pizza is a staple in my diet, it’s a great deal and you can try to keep it healthy with veggie toppings. They always get my order right and provide excellent customer service.

  2. Only problem is, you forgot to publish the address of the place. Of course I can find it out online, but if you are going to review a place make sure to write down the address.

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