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Jay’s Cheesesteak – yet another institution in the Mission.  Do you ever get the feeling that we’re just full of them? Lucky us. Jay’s has been around for – what, like, a 100 years?, serving your lunch, dinner, and late(ish) night needs.

You can order online using Menustar, or just call them with your order, like in the olden days (aka, three months ago). 

BF got the cheeseburger and I got Jay’s Pepper Cheese Steak with cherry peppers.

So maybe this isn’t the best burger, but it’s a pretty tasty one.  The only thing that keeps it from being a great burger, IMHO, is that the patty’s a bit thin, so it loses a little in the juiciness department.  But there’s good flavor in there, folks, and the veggies are crisp and fresh.

As for the cheesesteak, well, I’m not an expert on these matters, but there’s a reason Jay’s is ALWAYS busy, night and day. It’s a damned good cheesesteak!  And that bad boy was way too much for one person, so the BF got a late-night snack out of the bargain, too. And who doesn’t love a good crinkle fry? This is a warm hug of a meal, people. (And the only hugs we should get from strangers, nowadays!)

Jae’s makes 19 different kinds of cheesesteak. NINETEEN. So there’s no way you can’t find one you like. They’ve also got veggie and other sandwiches, hot dogs, a plethora of burgers (20!), fish and chips, and fried chicken.

These are the places that have sustained us for oh so many years, so let’s do our part, if you can, and sustain them back now.

Jay’s Cheesesteak
3285 21st St.

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  1. Does BF have a name? There’s privacy concerns and everything, but at least referring to him by his first name would help with the idea that he’s an actual person and not some form of entity

  2. BF is very private, which I have to respect. He’s my BF of 19 years and he definitely exists. I refer to him as “BF” even on my own social media.

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