Benjamin Boso and Emerson Boyle outside their garage shop on 80 Albion Street the year they moved in.

Once the shelter in place is lifted, the beloved Ampersand flower shop at 80 Albion St., between 15th and 16th streets, will reopen at 2190 Market St. A notice posted on the door makes clear its reasons for moving to the Castro: the space is much larger, more affordable and centrally located near the Church Street Muni station.

“It has basic amenities, such as a restroom for our staff, even floors, storage, dedicated compost areas and windows,” the owners Emerson and Benjamin wrote on the note posted to the door. “It’s the little things and the big things that added up to make the decision crystal clear.”  

Plus, they point out, the new site is within walking distance (six blocks, or 0.5 miles to be exact) from the Mission location. 

In the meantime, the flower store, like all the small businesses, is clearly struggling. To support it, you can order care packages online.

Ampersand, April 15, 2020. Photo by Lydia Chávez.

The opening of Cuesa’s Mission Community Market at 22nd and Bartlett has postponed its opening until May 7. In the meantime, you can support the farmer’s markets here. 

Some concerned neighbors, who are also big walkers, have some advice for joggers: 

Dear SF joggers:

Given how hard your bodies are working, and the amount of oxygen needed when exercising at that level, it probably makes sense that you are not wearing masks.  In exchange for this very generous assessment, please do the following:

* Keep at least 10 feet away from others, rather than the standard 6.

* Don’t skim by within inches of the pedestrian ahead of you, who probably didn’t hear you coming because of those great running shoes.

* Take responsibility to divert your trajectory into a carless street, if needed, rather than leaving it to the pedestrian you’re approaching.

* Be aware that you could be asymptomatic but infected, and that you’re spurting your breath rather than just releasing it.

* Bring a damn mask. When you’re done jogging, catch your breath and put it on. You’re one of us.

Thanks in advance,


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