The scene at 23rd and Mission Saturday morning, where police shot Jamaica Hampton. Photo by Julian Mark

Mission Local’s Julian Mark is on the scene at 23rd and Mission, where, around 8:30 a.m., police shot a man multiple times — the first officer-involved shooting since June of last year.

The man who police shot is in critical condition, according to Brent Andrew, a San Francisco General Hospital spokesman. One San Francisco Police officer, he said, was also at the hospital, but Andrew could not state his condition.

An eyewitness who said he’s working a construction job not far from the site, told Mark he witnessed the entire event. The witness, who declined to be identified, said that he observed a “clearly” intoxicated man from his truck at around 8:30 in the morning. Not long thereafter, a San Francisco Police Department SUV rolled up.

The witness says two officers chased the man about the intersection on foot. He said the officers pepper-sprayed the man and may have applied other less-lethal devices as well.

The man did not appear to be armed; the witness recalled “his arms waving around.” Some manner of physical interaction ensued. During this time, while the man was on the ground, the witness says the subject was shot by both of the officers. The witness counted eight to 10 shots.

Following the shooting, the witness said an officer pointed a gun in his direction, and he ducked. He described the shooting as “a broad daylight execution.”

Mark is on the scene and will continue reporting; Mission is blocked between 22nd and 24th, and the Mission and 23rd intersection is sealed.

Police spokesman Officer Robert Rueca gave the following synopsis on the scene: At 8:34 a.m. officers responded to a call of a hot prowl burglary in the area of 23rd and Capp Streets. They encountered a suspect who matched the description. When they encountered the suspect, he assaulted an officer with a weapon. An officer-involved-shooting occurred. One suspect and one officer were transported to a hospital and are in unknown medical condition. 

Update 11:29 a.m.

Lisa Ruth, the store manager at Fallas Discount Stores, previously Factory 2-U, said that she was talking with the store’s security guard just before 9 a.m. when they heard “eight pops.”

They turned to look and went to the intersection of 23rd and Mission streets to see a man lying on the ground. Officers had taken his clothes off and a swarm of officers was trying to resuscitate him. She did not see a weapon nearby.

However, one of the officers nearby appeared to have a broken nose, a bloody face and bruise marks around his neck, she said.

Ruth said she recognized two officers – one a short Latino and the other an African American – because they had patrolled in the area and had helped her out in the past. They’re “young kids,” she said.

“Honestly, it’s the Mission,” she said. “It’s sad this happened, but there are people who are on the street who try and hurt me all the time. “

Another source who asked not to be identified and works nearby at Smile BBQ at 22nd and Mission streets said that five minutes before the shooting, a man had come by and smashed their window. It’s unclear if the two incidents are related.

The last police shooting in San Francisco occurred in June, 2018, in North Beach. So far, no officers have been charged in police shootings, but District Attorney-elect Chesa Boudin has promised to take a harder look at each case. The DA’s office, which right now is headed up by Interim District Attorney Suzy Loftus, is for the first time ever the lead investigator in five concurrent investigations — also by the SFPD’s homicide detectives, the SFPD’s internal affairs division, the Department of Police Accountability, and the San Francisco Medical Examiner.

As has become standard practice, the SFPD will hold a town hall meeting within 10 days of Saturday’s incident to describe their version of the events and the preliminary results of the investigations. In the past, police have shown officers’ body-worn camera footage at town hall meetings.

This article will be updated as more information is gathered.

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  1. I have a good idea. Let’s NOT call someone a criminal until he (or she) has been convicted of a crime!

    See you Tuesday!

  2. Sounds like the police did everything right for a friend who was on the scene. This neighborhood if filled with people would for some reasons feel a need to side with criminals. That is until they’re the victim and go hollering to the police for help. Hopefully one less dangerous insane person on our streets.

  3. Wonder why 150 SFPD cops, a historical exodus of young officers, who are leaving as fast as they can, for cities where they are not under attack not only by the criminals, but by the news media, pandering city pols, and a anti police lobby that yells louder that anybody else. Hard to figure………..right?

    1. In addition, more experienced Offciers are leaving the SFPD. That lives us with less experienced officers to fill that void

  4. So the reliable witness says the guy didn’t do anything before being shot, yet an officer has a broken nose? Once again Mission local slants the headline to be anti-police, before getting the whole story. Shameful.

  5. The police were responding to a “hot prowl” home invasion- the burglar was high on drugs and attacked the police. They shot him because they’re trained to do so.

    1. WRONG! I do not believe for one moment that cops are trained to shoot someone like 10 times for hitting them with a bottle or whatever. I can see them tossing his butt to the ground with extreme force, but to have them pull out guns and shoot a bunch then shoot some more when the guy is down? If THIS is how we are training cops, we need to fix it.

      1. Kim, I bet you’ve never been attacked hit or assaulted by someone mentally unstable and under the influence of multiple substances. You have no idea how scary and unpredictable the person is. Nor do you actually know what happened in this incident nor how police are even trained!
        Until you have and unless you were there, you have no place to determine how officers or anyone for that matter acted in response.

        1. I have been attacked by mentally unstable homeless people on more than one occasion. I managed not to shoot them somehow and I didn’t have other cops backing me up. So I think maybe they need to do better.

          In fact, in all the times I was still calling the police when dealing with mentally unstable or flat out violent people in my time walking to work in various parts of the city in the early morning hours, the cops never showed up to help me. Eventually I stopped calling for 3 reasons, I got good at handling that shit myself, there was no point in calling because they NEVER came and lastly, BECAUSE I DIDNT WANT THE COPS TO FUCKING SHOOT SOMEONE WHO DIDNT HAVE TO DIE.

          They need to do better. My father is a firefighter, they’re first responders and deal with a lot of violent unstable people too. They dont get guns but they still manage. Fuck the cops.

          But when I saw a cop hassle a loitering homeless man who then tackled him to the ground and rolled the cop into the street i was the first person to help him.

          1. Counter-point: I spend time at Church & Market where there are often people walking around in the middle of that horrible intersection on a trip or experiencing an episode. Police have often showed up to help them out of the intersection and waited by them or taken them to CPMC. Nobody has been shot.

      2. Jamaica Hampton is my son. Do not speak of this situation anymore with your opinions.
        I have been a Peace Officer and let me dictate to you what the law is and THE USE OF FORCE.
        An officer is only allowed to used force until the situation is controlled, and the officer is not allowed to discharge a weapon when he sees that his life may be in danger? There was no visible weapon such as a gun, knife or car that is considered lethal. One round would have been sufficient. Watch how you speak on speculation as you don’t have what I know about this.
        So stfu!!!

  6. It’s about time SFPD get issued Taser. Enough about the BS politics an extra tool on the belt to use. Being a police office is tough job we have to protect the victims, police and the alleged suspect. On the streets of SF we have to many people with mental issues and it’s taking the city government A dinosaur timeline to move things.

  7. How does the reporter know the anonymous self-described “eyewitness” saw anything at all? Very quick to condemn the SFPD based on source who wouldn’t even provide their own name.

  8. Posted on Nextdoor–is this the same incident?

    Hot Prowl Burglary Call Leads to Officer-Involved Shooting

    Hello Neighbors…FYI.

    At approximately 8:34 AM, officers responded to a call at 23rd Street and Capp Street regarding a report of a hot prowl burglary. The officers made contact with a person matching the description of a suspect. The suspect assaulted the officers with a weapon. An officer-involved shooting occurred. The suspect and an officer were transported to a hospital. Their conditions are unknown at this time.

    This is an active and ongoing investigation in the early stages. Investigations are being conducted by the San Francisco Police Department’s Homicide Detail, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Independent Investigations Bureau, the Department of Police Accountability and the SFPD Internal Affairs Division.

    Anyone with information is asked to call the SFPD 24 Hour Tip Line at 1-415-575-4444 or Text-A-Tip to TIP411 and begin the text message with SFPD. You may remain anonymous.

    Additional information will be released as it becomes available. As part of SFPD’s commitment towards transparency and accountability, a town hall meeting regarding this officer-involved shooting will be held within ten days.