Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Inca Serrano was dressed in what some may call a classic outfit: Ben Davis creased black pants, formal leather shoes, two white t-shirts with suspenders topped off with a bulky peacoat and scarf that draped over his shoulders while he carried a burrito and chips. In his pockets, a small bottle of Hennessy and a 24-ounce beer can. 

It just so happened that Halloween was kicking off that evening, and other people were dressed up as well. 

“Everyday I be working. I can’t dress out. I have to go in with my dingy 4XL white tee and bust my ass,” Serrano said.

He works at the San Francisco International Airport as a food prep at LSG Sky Chefs,. His job is unionized, so his pay is nice, but he works a lot and doesn’t get a chance to dress up often.

Serrano commutes from Richmond, CA, but said he spends his time between the Mission and Richmond. 

“I wish every day was Halloween, that way you could wear whatever the fuck you want,” Serrano said. “I got my hyphy days with my gold grill on. I got different styles on different days.”

Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

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