Laundré, the splashy laundromat/cafe on 20th and Mission, is a cafe no more.

“As of Monday, August 12th, we will close the cafe to allow for greater focus and energy on the laundromat portion of Laundré!” reads a note on its door (exclamation point theirs).

Arianna Roviello, the establishment’s owner, did not respond to messages seeking comment. But Mission Local learned earlier this month that Roviello’s ongoing difficulties in obtaining a beer and wine license — which would have helped offset the laundromat’s astronomically high water bills and the costs of its new machines — could lead to the cafe’s closure. Today, that happened.  

Upon opening in September 2017, Laundré’s sterile, modern design on the Mission Street corridor became a source of hushed disdain among some in the old-school Mission community. It definitely stood out on a street of mostly older business. 

That came to a head last October, when seven members of a neighborhood coalition met with Roviello, asking her to sign an agreement that, among other stipulations, asked her to change the color of her walls. Sans an agreement, the group would not support the cafe’s bid to serve beer and wine. (The group’s effort was ostensibly a means of stabilizing the gentrifying neighborhood.) 

It’s unclear if Roviello ever signed. 

Laundré was the millennial-aged Roviello’s senior project in college — where she studied fashion and “fell in love with laundry” — and she decided to bring the concept into the world after working as a Lyft driver for a couple years. 

It was one of the first new laundromats to open in San Francisco in more than a decade — possibly the only one. 

“I thought it would be interesting to create a place where you could wash your fashion,” she said on the day of Laundré’s opening.

Thankfully for her clientele, that’s still possible. But you’ll have to bring in your own coffee.