Starting Monday, Mission Pie will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Hours at the popular bakery and savory restaurant on the corner of Mission and 25th Streets will remain the same from Wednesday through Sunday.

On the good-news front, nonprofits can send an e-mail to to get on a rotating donation list for the items that remain unsold from Sunday’s baking.

And, the shop will have a smaller crew on hand Mondays and Tuesdays to fulfill catering orders and respond to inquiries all days of the week.

“With a seven-day week, the relentlessness just piles up,” said Karen Heisler, co-owner of Mission Pie.

The new schedule, she said, will allow Mission Pie’s 28 employees to have more stable schedules. It will also give them time to convene for training, meetings, to socialize and generally support the community’s health and spirit.

“The quality of work life will better be able to embody the values of Mission Pie,” said Heisler.

Staying open five days, she said, is also a way of “acknowledging what our capacity is.”

The only downside, she said, is not being there for customers who make stopping in a daily ritual.  Not being open for them whenever they want to come by, she said, “is painful.”

The sign posted for customers at Mission Pie.