A nine-story, 129-unit building has been proposed for the empty lot at the corner of 22nd and Mission streets — the site of a 2015 blaze that killed one person, displaced some 60 others and left the site an empty crater.

The property owner, Hawk Lou, has not sold the property. He told Mission Local that he submitted the plans for the proposed building and is open to selling the land or taking out a construction loan and building it himself. “Anything can happen,” he said.

Lou said he is “not excited at all” over the proposal, even though he submitted it, because of all that has transpired — the death, displaced residents, and litigation — in the three years since the fire.

Lou declined to comment further, citing the ongoing litigation.

Per the plans submitted on Oct. 8 and drafted by Ian Birchall and Associates, 24 of the units would be affordable and 11 of those would be “very-low-income,” meaning 50 percent of the area’s median income ($41,450 for a single person). The project would include four ground-floor retail spaces totaling 6,402 square feet. It would also include 29 parking spaces and 121 bicycle spots.

Those plans depend on whether Lou invokes California’s density bonus law, which allows builders to add height and density to a project in exchange for more affordably priced units. In this case, the 11 very-low-income units.

Other plans — a 7-story, 94-unit building — have also been submitted if the density bonus law is not used. That proposal would also include 24 affordable units, although they would be more expensive.

The Mission Economic Development Agency had been eyeing the site, but its offer “was not accepted by the owner,” according to Christopher Gil, a MEDA spokesperson.

This publication was a tenant of the building at the time of the Jan. 28, 2015, fire — a 4-alarm blaze that gutted the historic building and left it derelict until its demolition in 2016. It’s unclear if the building’s tenants will have a right to return if and when the project is built.

Photo by George Lipp.

Residents of the building at 22nd and Mission look on at burnt building. Photo by Daniel Hirsch.

Popeyes at 22nd and Mission. Photo by Lydia Chavez.

Mission and 22nd streets. Photo by Daniel Mondragón.

Plans for empty lot at 22nd and Mission. Plans drafted by Ian Birchall and Associates.