Garfield Square Park pool closure

Neighbors of Garfield Square Park pool may have noticed their beloved natatorium quietly closed on Oct. 22 — and very close observers may have noticed that a demolition permit was issued for the pool earlier this month as well.

Don’t worry: They’re not going to just leave a hole in the ground. The existing pool and clubhouse are being replaced by an arguably better pool and more up-to-date clubhouse. The $19.7 million project should be complete by the end of 2019.

In the meantime, here are hours for other pools around the city.

What’s the plan?

The existing pool is under renovation and the existing clubhouse will be completely replaced with a 3,550-square-foot, brand-new clubhouse. The pool’s lanes will be shortened, but the pool’s overall capacity will allow for longer sessions. Swimmers will also have more showers and better locker rooms.

The new clubhouse will have a programming room, an expanded kitchen, kids playroom, and outdoor basketball courts. The structure will feature a courtyard that connects the pool area with the clubhouse.

Bethany Center turns 50

The Bethany Center, an affordable-housing community at 21st and Capp for low-income seniors, turned 50 years old last week — and it celebrated with the completion of a major facelift.

The anniversary coincided with the completion of a two-year renovation project that modernized the building and touched up its iconic mural. The renovation also allowed for its partner arts institution, Ruth Table, to now have its own stand-alone building. 

Galeria de la Raza: the talks continue

Supervisor Hillary Ronen announced in a Facebook post last week that she hosted talks between Galeria de la Raza and its landlord. Apparently, between the time news broke that the venerable gallery received a 100-percent rent hike and Ronen’s announcement, the gallery had received a three-day notice to vacate the space where it planned to hunker down until a more permanent space opened up elsewhere (presumably a would-be affordable development at 1990 Folsom).

Ronen said in her Facebook post that a lease would likely be negotiated by the end of the week, although messages left with her office, as well as gallery, were not immediately returned.

Last chance to vote for the Women’s Building

The Women’s Building is competing with other historic and socially-minded institutions around the country for a $150,000 grant to make improvements on its facilities. The Women’s Building, a nonprofit dedicated to advocacy for women, wants to retrofit 54 of its windows — because those windows have not been replaced since the building was erected in 1910, before women could legally vote. But the nonprofit needs your vote! Do it here.

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  1. and after spending $20 million dollars on it, and opens 60 % late, Rec and Park will be sure to not staff the buildings. 85 percent of the time the building will be locked. And the bathrooms locked at 5:30 pm. But, hey, when they are inspected they’ll enginerer themselves good grades.

    SF the city where park restrooms close at 5:30 pm, illegal to enter parks after 10 pm, but the bars are open til 4 am.

  2. 20 mill for a pool and clubhouse? – only in San Francisco. Why do we do it? Because we can. What’s the matter with the old pool? The clubhouse needs to come down? Really? No addition and renovation possible? More wasted taxpayer dollars, plain and simple. A joke in fact. What’s our population? North of 800k? What’s our budget? North of 10 billion, maybe 12 billion depending on how you look at the numbers? Something like that? For perspective the cities of Vallejo, Concord, and Fairfield have populations of around 130k. Vallejo’s latest budget is about 226 million. That’s million with an M. One of these days the City is going to push its luck just a little too far. Thank god for tech, right? Anyone who believe’s differently is simply out of their mind or lost their long time rent controlled apartment. Anything and everything proposed at City Hall including our estemed BOS should be looked at with skepticism. Sure, there’s plenty of wrangling over dollars but the idea of DOING MORE WITH LESS is gone forever. It’s fiscal irresponsibility on a grand scale. Let’s raise fees. Let’s git’ a proposition on the ballot to git’ some dollas’! Let’s come up with another way to generate revenue. Our City officials dream about this stuff – absolutely no doubt about it. Another version of a sales contest. It’s a one track mind. It’s the scene of hyenas on a wounded wildebeast. I’d like to see the State come in and appropriate some of those billions and spread it around to the Central Valley. I’d like to see the State come in and appropriate Hetch Hetchy. Take half of that hotel tax and those parking fines. San Francisco: born on third base and thought we hit a triple. Thanks for the report, ML.

    1. It’s basic economics that when interest rates are rock bottom and you are flush with money that you invest in infrastructure. For the first time in my lifetime the schools, parks, and community centers are being renovated. As history has taught us, it may be a very long time before we are able to invest like this again so San Francisco is doing what every smart economy does, builds up so we have amenities to last another 50 years. We might not be able to tomorrow.

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