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This piece was produced by KALW and is republished here with permission as part of a collaboration with KALW. 

Two months ago, 63-year-old Outer Mission Resident Denise Alvarado received an eviction notice. The reason: her building was sold and the new owners say they want to move in.

It’s called Owner-Move-In Occupancy, and it’s one of the more common types of evictions for rent-controlled units in the city. According to the San Francisco Rent Board, they are on the rise, up 26 percent in the past two years.

San Francisco tenant law provides some protections for vulnerable populations being evicted, but although Denise Alvarado is a senior and on disability, she doesn’t qualify. So, the San Francisco native is trying to figure out where she’ll go next.

DENISE ALVARADO: I wake up sometimes, really positive and then I remember that I’m losing my home, and my neighborhood, and this city I love, and that I have nowhere to go; my heart will start to pound.

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For more information on organizations that can assist with more housing and displacement help, see links below:

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