San Francisco supervisors unanimously adopted a non-binding policy Tuesday refusing to cooperate with a federal program that collects immigration details about suspects that makes it easier to deport undocumented immigrants.

Supervisor John Avalos said that if local communities saw a link between law enforcement and immigration enforcement, “it would completely undermine… the trust we are trying to build within our city.”

Immigrant advocates have criticized the Priority Enforcement Program for discouraging immigrants from contacting law enforcement when they witness or are the victims of crime.

At a rally before the Board of Supervisors met, Yadira Sanchez, a 24-year-old San Francisco resident whose grandfather came very close to being deported after being mistaken for another man by the same name, called for the rejection of the program.

“ICE decided to make an ‘oops,’ a mistake. ICE has no transparency, no accountability,” Sanchez said referring to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. With the enforcement program, “no one is safe,” she added.

“We need solutions, not scapegoating,” said Dean Santo, an immigrant who was arrested for the theft of a small item and was subsequently sent to a detention center and pushed into deportation proceedings. His case, he said, was only resolved as a result of community pressure.

Supervisors also rejected a proposal by Supervisor Mark Farrell that would have urged Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to rescind a memo he had sent in March of this year encouraging deputies not to communicate suspect information to immigration enforcement. That memo drew criticism when it was connected to the shooting death of Kate Steinle by an undocumented immigrant.

“The sheriff’s memo, which prohibits any communication, flies in the face of the best interest for public safety for all San Franciscans,” Farrell said.

When Farrell addressed the Board to explain his proposal, however, members of the public in attendance, most of whom had rallied for immigrant rights outside City Hall before the meeting, stood and turned their backs on the supervisor.

immigration board of supervisor

Other board members also criticized the proposal.

“What message are we sending to undocumented folks who are witnesses to a crime?” Supervisor Malia Cohen wanted to know, after asking Farrell to table his proposal. “We can talk all we want about improving public safety in this building, but if people in our communities don’t trust police, no level of police staffing is going to make communities safe.”

Cohen’s rejection of Farrell’s proposal drew cheers and applause from the audience. The board voted 6-5 to table it.

Supervisor David Campos’ proposal to openly reject the Priority Enforcement Program by encouraging the sheriff not to participate in it won unanimous support. Though the resolution is not legally binding, it was hailed as a small step forward.

“This really would not have happened without the actions of the immigrant community,” said Kitzia Esteva, an activist with Causa Justa::Just Cause. “This is not the end of our work, but it is a victory.”

The resolution to reject the enforcement program was amended by Supervisor London Breed to reflect certain exceptions that had already been put in place in previous local sanctuary laws. Esteva called these a “carve-out,” since they allow participation in immigration enforcement programs in certain cases, including ones where the suspect has been convicted of a felony.

That kind of exception is problematic for people like Daniel Maher, an immigrant from Macau who served five years in prison for armed robbery. He has since reformed, becoming a recycling manager at the Berkeley Ecology Center and training at-risk youth for environmental jobs.

“Given that carve-out… people with my similar situation, it doesn’t help them,” Maher said after the meeting. “Because of my history, I’m always going to be a target.”

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  1. There will be no relieve for Donald Trump when the dirty ads begin appearing. The GOP establishment said in no uncertain words they were declaring war. Anybody who has any credence of what the hierarchy establishment or the democratic radicals say is destined to crap on new future of our great country. The parties will do anything–ANYTHING to keep their cheap labor, massive profits and Liberal ripping off other peoples money and a range of extreme Socialist issues. The mainstream Liberal press are on any negative Trump issue, like flies on putrid meat.

    An uproar has ignited about the embarrassing city of San Francisco, where Americans are no longer safe on the streets after the showing that the publicized death of a innocent citizen shot dead on the openly abhorrent ‘Sanctuary City’. The metropolis were one councilor stated in no certain terms, that the killing was accidental of Katherine Steinle. The SF Board of Supervisors collectively passed a resolution that encourages the sheriff Department not to alert U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement officials when an illegal immigrant is released from jail, despite the ICE requesting notification in such situations. Supervisor Malia Cohen, a real jerk, vehemently dispute in the chambers before the vote: “We cannot allow one event to dictate 25 years of our city’s policies towards undocumented immigrants in our city.” A young women just 32 years old, who on a visiting to pier 14 with her father, ended up in pool of blood at the hands of illegal alien on July 1.


    These SF Supervisors are going to find out the consequences when Donald Trump becomes President; their should be no forgiveness for not following federal law. It’s paramount we need unprejudiced legal teams to assure the voting public that non citizens are committing voter fraud in every national precinct, as this will be the most important election–EVER. Those who are setting themselves up for voting in Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton (obviously a risk to our National Security), need to understand the huge yoke around the neck of taxpayers in such countries as Sweden, where its not comfortable Shangri-La, where moderate socialism is the name of the game? Joe Biden who has dropped out of the race was a good, honest man who has always been willing to compromise with their opponents on the other side.

    San Francisco is one of the growing number “sanctuary cities” throughout the United States. These havens as illustrated as jurisdictions which provide a Sanctuary for illegal aliens–not undocumented immigrants–not immigrants, ILLEGAL ALIENS! The law as its written is a violation of Title 8 Section 1324 United States Code “aiding, abetting, encouraging, harboring, transporting, and hiring illegal aliens is a felony.” By illegal ordinances or by fabricated policies. Local governments arrogantly decline any cooperation with Federal (ICE) Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities.

    A bill, called ‘Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act needed to overcome a 60-vote threshold. It would withhold certain federal funding from states or cities that refuse to comply with requests from federal immigration officials to turn over immigrants who are in the country illegally.

    Overall sanctuary policies differ, but in broad provisos illegal aliens have admission to the matching services and the safeguard as citizens and permanent (green Card) residents, such as emergency services, health care, education, food banks, emergency shelters and even food stamps with children who can claim in California $600 each. The sheltering mainly in big cities even are now issuing drivers licenses. other ID cards to such persons. In the Liberalized state of California, the brain-dead Governor Jerry Brown has implemented giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens, has also passed out Voter Motor applications, that shows that the left are intentionally pressing illegal aliens to vote. additionally this is not only illegal, but a felony as cited in Title 18 Section 611 US Code prohibits non citizens from voting in our elections. But this is completely ignored by the left.

    I am praying that Donald Trump is our next President. A man who shown love to all Americans, but draws the line of foreign thieves, stealing our voting rights, jobs and welfare services, as we need our immigration laws to be enforced, which the Obama administration has ignored and in enforcing the border, where Trump will build a wall. A trump wall that limits illegal aliens en mass reaching the other side as patrolled by the enhanced US Border Patrol and unmanned drones with an all seeing eye. A further innovation MANDATORY E-VERIFY that will be an intense method to control the workplace; a system that will audit nationwide workers, to see what business owners are illegally using foreign labor. It is my suggestion that a reward should go to whistle blowers who are aware of companies that are breaking the law. Hefty fines and even time in jail will be a worthy deterrent, for those who believe they cannot be touched.

    With the uncertain amendment to Birthright Citizenship (anchor Babies) to gain citizenship by an pregnant Mother through slipping into our sovereign nation and then adding the heavy burden of taxpayers covering hospital fees, welfare service and then bring in other members of the family through chain migration.

    Senior Citizens Cola recipients are have been short changed next year, as to the party elites thinks illegal aliens on welfare and their offspring is more important than our old people, who kept Social Security system working through the years they were employed, but the foreigner who jumped the fence, lied at ports of entry including airports arrivals have paid–NOTHING, not even a cent.

    Sen. David Vitter, R-La., introduced the legislation just yesterday, which American voters found out that the Democratic Senate blocked this ‘Sanctuary City’ law, and specifically ‘Kate’s Law’ With Senate Democrats refusing to introduce serious legislation that would punish “sanctuary cities” in a losing 54-45 vote on Tuesday afternoon. that would end this nauseating plague of the Obama’s Administration refusing to enforce our immigration laws. Read about the outcome of Democrats who voted against this law at 2015/10/20/sanctuary-cities-bill-blocked-in-senate. This includes releasing before any warning criminal aliens back into society by the thousands.

    Barack Obama has been instrumental in the death of Katherine Steinle and radical politicians, city mayors, managers and elected officials by completely circumventing immigration laws. Crimes committed by illegal immigrants is at the heart of the current debate over sanctuary cities. Katherine Steinle’s confessed murderer Francisco Sanchez, had an long rap sheet, counting drugs, together being deported five times.

  2. Just imagine how much rents would fall if every Illegal left town…. the law of supply and demand is harsh.