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A towed car sparked a brawl between two cyclists on 20th and Valencia streets last week. It all started with a bullhorn-wielding cyclist accusing a tow truck driver of “property theft” and being a Nazi sympathizer, and escalated when another man, who had previously been observing the commotion while standing shirtless on his balcony, decided to get involved. There is no evidence that the towed car belonged to either of the combative cyclists.

As some creative profanities and punches were exchanged, meter maids swarmed to the scene before SFPD got wind of the incident.  Yet the highlight of the altercation was that a neighbor (who happens to be Mozilla Firefox c0-founder Blake Ross) captured it all on video.  Fascinated by the rather pointless street corner confrontation, Ross decided to create a song about it – and it’s brilliant.

A few days ago, I witnessed the absolute dumbest fight I’ve ever seen—right here in the broad daylight of San Francisco.Today I was going to write my usual third-person-bastard account of the incident. But I’m trying to stretch myself into scary new forms of writing. So, regrettably for you, I instead used my footage of the fight to write a song.The best way to watch this video is to not watch it. The second best way is to rotate your phone and tap the barely-visible “HD” button in the bottom right after opening the video. Thanks to my friends who continue to support my close calls with sanity.

Posted by Blake Ross on Friday, October 23, 2015

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  1. You’re calling his song brilliant? Why’d he even bother with the metronome? He wasn’t even close to keeping the beat and that sing-song-y narration is downright annoying. I’m sorry to learn that this man doesn’t have better things to do. On the up side of things, it’s laughable that this is the view that millionaires in, er, “Frisco” spend gazillions of dollars to have.

    1. Exactly Right!!! This is yet another tech guy who is trying to be a “creative”. There’s nothing “brilliant” about this song, it’s just terrible and just because something is bad, it doesn’t make it good. Unless you’re a hipster who is drawn to crap.

  2. i love the song ! by the way the nazi sympathizer comment was directed at the hipster doofus that punched me in the bullhorn, and not the meter maids (ticket nazis). now you are correct about that not being my car. however my motorhome, cars, trucks and vans have been impounded (stolen) 25 times because i am guilty of driving under the influence of poverty(i don’t actually drive i travel). so while i witnessed 40 cars being stolen in 30min it seemed like the neighborly thing to do would be to warn people to move there cars. now your shirtless hero loves to see cars getting towed (he told me so). as for your question”quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” the answer is me.

    1. Parking on the street is free for the most part; so poverty is really not an excuse for getting so many tickets that your vehicles are towed. Basically you are either too lazy or too self-righteous to follow the rules and park your vehicles legally.

      Thank you for clarifying that we should have absolutely no sympathy for you.