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UPDATE: Construction workers at the site estimated that the block of 21st Street would be closed off until 4 p.m. at the latest.


We got an early morning text from a Castro resident who commutes daily to Palo Alto.

As it is for other Castro commuters, heading across 21st Street and turning right on Guerrero is generally her route to 101 South, but again this morning detour signs on Dolores blocked her passageway.

It seems there is more work going on at Mark Zuckerberg’s house on 21st and Fair Oaks – work that has been causing some unhappiness from neighbors and commuters.

The crane stationed in the street is moving materials from the street into the rear yard of the construction site, said Project Manager Helen Maderazo. The crane permit allows the crew to remain in place until 4 p.m., but Maderazo said it may not take that long to clear the street. It’s unlikely that the street will be closed off again within the next few days, she said, though another construction worker guessed it might happen again in a week or so.

Ivves Pajares lives on Guerrero street near the construction area and was finding a place to temporarily put her car. She said the construction has affected parking, since the swath of street in which the crane and other construction machinery and trucks are parked is unavailable for residents. Pajares added that advance notice of construction is often vague, giving neighbors an inkling of the road closures to come but not providing enough information to adequately prepare.

“I don’t like it, but I can’t do anything about it,” Pajares said with a shrug.

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  1. I think MZ has been a very considerate neighbor.The +s of his moving to Facebook Hill outnumber the negatives

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