It is 7:33 a.m, 57° and headed to 75°. Details for today and the next ten days are here.

So, getting started a little late today.

It took six months, but the Examiner’s office issued its report on Friday showing that police fired at Alex Nieto from multiple directions, many bullets. 

And friends remembered Ronnie Goodman, a local graffiti office stabbed to death this week at 24th and Capp Streets.   There was definitely too much violence in the Mission this week.

Is there ever too much food news? Possibly, but have you ever heard of Mixtas? The taco/hotdog combo is coming to Los Shucos, writes SF Eater. 

Third Generation Bernal Hill Hip Hop Artist, J. Quest has a new song out, reports the Bernalwood. 

Stay safe.