Campaign Workers on the northeast side of the 24th Street BART Plaza. Photo by Lydia Chávez

District Supervisor David Campos who is running for the Assembly against David Chiu, the president of the Board of Supervisors,  was out at the 24th Street Plaza Saturday morning rallying his troops.  Already one group had left and another 150 or so were preparing to go out walking the neighborhood to encourage residents to vote.

No matter who you are supporting – if you haven’t done a precinct walk, it’s an experience and education not to miss.  You learn what your neighbors know – or don’t know – about U.S. elections.

Photo by Lydia Chávez
Photo by Lydia Chávez

Lydia Chávez

I’ve been a Mission resident since 1998 and a professor at Berkeley’s J-school since 1990. My earlier career was at The New York Times working for the business, foreign and city desks. As an old...

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  1. If Campos wants to win he is going to need to move outside of his comfort zone i.e. outside the Mission District which will, presumably, vote for him anyway.

    But Campos has never been very good at reaching across to people outside of his immediate constituency, and that is as good a reason as any why he should not represent us.

    1. Chiu has been very good at reaching out…to his corporate masters. He has represented AirBnb quite well. allowing them to write part of his legislation. Terms like “pay for play,” “corruption” and “bribery” come to mind.

      1. Chui has majority support from SF’s gay community even though he is not gay and Campos is. That should tell you something about who is better able to cross social boundaries.

        And why would you want a politician who carries no influence with business? How can Campos be effective if he cannot talk to anyone except Hispanics, SEIU, welfare recipients and illegals?

        The point with Chiu is that he can build consensus with all kinds of people. Campos is just a partisan hack with a narrow agenda that excludes most who live in the east side of the city. His divisive identity politics excludes him as a reasonable choice.

        1. Sam/John/Grizzled Mission seems to think that corporate pay-for-play is proper business representation. Even from companies that don’t necessarily reside in one’s district. Last I heard, city supervisors were supposed to represent his or her district voters.

          1. But Chiu doesn’t always support business and developers by any means. He opposed 8-Washington, for instance. In fact, Chiu would be considered a leftist in any other US city.

            What Chiu brings is an ability to be able to talk to business, and therefore influence them and forge compromises with them. Campos is totally unable to do that because his partisan agenda is driven by an innate hatred of business and capitalism. Campos will be ignored and isolated in Sacramento, and will achieve nothing. Chiu will get things done in a balanced and moderate way.

            Chiu can build consensus. A vote for Campos is a vote for class warfare because he cannot see, let alone talk meaningfully to, all sides.

  2. Campos have proven time and again that he only cares about one sliver of his constituency. I can’t wait to vote against him. Hopefully, when he terms out we’ll get a more balanced voice representing us.

    1. Really? Working on tenants’ and workers’ issues and stopping restaurants from pocketing employee healthcare money was somehow counter to Campos’s Mission constituency? I can’t wait to vote (and campaign) for him.

  3. Because I love this city I ask all of you – I implore all of you – to please not vote for David Campos? How can anyone seriously consider this guy for higher office, seeing what little he has done for this City besides helping the Tamale Lady get her name in the paper. Please people get real . If you vote for this guy, you deserve what you get… evicted, assaulted in the streets.. who knows… I only know this faux liberal from southern California won’t help you!

  4. Willie’s little puppies are yipping and yelping. Possibly because, despite Chiu’s big ‘lead’ in big money donations, the latest poll by a “nation wide business group” shows a dead heat at 37% support for each candidate. (SFChronicle:09/08/2014). The ‘attacks’ against Campos
    are reminiscent of those leveled against our current ‘partisan’ representative, who has been a far more effective legislator, both locally and at the state level, than the previous occupant of Room 200. The ‘Easties’ are free to elect whatever corporate shill they like. We ‘Westies’ are going to take it to the streets and the people and fight for a more affordable, liveable, equitable city for ALL of us who live here.
    Patrick Monk.RN. Noe Valley.
    Speaking of Room 200.

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