It Feels Like All Airbnb, All the Time

The Airbnb stories churn out slowly, but consistently, and tastily—for those of us who relish unfolding home-sharing dramas? Some stories of interest to San Francisco this week:

The neon-green sticker shaming campaign! In North Beach, there were protests by housing advocates, reports the Business Insider. And they unleashed “warning stickers signifying a building is being used for illegal short-term rentals through Airbnb.”

Did you hear the Air was partnering with Uber and Concur? Here.

“Airbnb has been losing control of its brand in recent weeks,” writes the dependable gossip over at Valleywag, which just unveiled Air’s PR attempt at greenwashing, and opined more about the Airbnb squatters in Southern California. (Local tie-in: That squatter-commandeered place is owned by a San Franciscan).

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  1. Sam

    Well, it will feel like that if ML cannot find anything more newsworthy or interesting than to endlessly drone on about the fact that a few people in SF like to share their homes with visitors.

    What really strikes me about home-sharing is how totally uncontroversial, normal and natural it is. It really is one of those “only in San Francisco” things because 99.9% of the towns in this nation and beyond see absolutely no issue of significance here.

    What happened to SF’s alleged tolerance and respect for diversity? Even what happens inside your own home is apparently now no longer sacred or immune from the interventionists and NIMBYs.

    • Jaime Ross

      home sharing isn’t the issue. the issue is accountability and how this affects the hotel trade and services in your city. it’s akin to people setting up shop on the street with no permits as opposed to retailers who have to pay rent, taxes and wages.
      disrupters look for loopholes in the status quo and proceed to capitalize on them. sometimes they’re successful and we all benefit. sometimes they’re successful and most of us lose.

      • Sam

        I think people said the same thing about travel agents (remember them?) when they began to get their lunch eaten by internet travel booking sites.

        And when automobiles first challenged the horse-drawn buggy industry.

    • Russo

      Sure Sam/John, there’s nothing more normal and natural than breaking the law.

      Amazing the hubris this guy has to think that his right-wing ideology is shared by 99.9% of San Francisco.

      Try again, Sam/John.

      • Sam

        I dispute that sharing ones home is illegal. I am not aware of any conviction that has successfully been obtained by the city pursuant to its untested opinion that they have any jurisdiction on this matter.

        And since the city claims that it also thinks such income is taxable, are you saying you support the taxation of illegal activity?

        I think you will find that most SF voters would like to have the freedom to occasionally share their home. In fact i have no idea why anyone would object to what others do in the privacy of their own homes.

  2. Missionite

    If you want to support home sharing options for San Franciscans you can sign this petition here.

  3. SFrentier

    Me love me some airbnb. More airbnb >> more rental units off the market >> higher rents for MY units. Cha-Ching boyzzzz!!

    Plus, it pisses off wankers like sup Crapos, and his cronies of goofy-has-beens-loser-housing-craptivists. Yay!!!

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