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Paragon Realty Demographics Report

Paragon Realty released a report on San Francisco’s changing demographics that details the trends along zip codes.

The numbers made me remember how when Mission Local first started in 2008  the Mission had a higher percentage of tenant occupied units than the rest of the city.  That is changing.

I went back to the 2000 census to compare some numbers with Paragon’s report.  Owner occupied units have risen in the Mission/Bernal zip code of 94110 to 35 percent, compared to 30 percent in 2000.

The number of households in the 94110 zip code has increased by 954 to 27,042 since the 2000 Census, but the Mission and Bernal have 1,808 more owners or quite a few renter-occupied units have turned into owner-occupied units.

The percentage of foreign-born residents has dropped from 41 percent in 2000 to 35 percent in the last Census estimates and household income has risen by 47 percent to $79,500 since 2000.  In terms of the make up of the foreign born residents, in 2000 71 percent came from Latin America, 21.4 percent from Asia and 5.9 percent from Europe.

The latest estimates show 60 percent of the foreign-born in 94110 coming from Latin America, 24.9 percent from Asia and 11 percent from Europe.

You can get Paragon’s  report here.

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  1. Russo

    Yep, count on “John” to measure the mass eviction and displacement of working families as success. Read at 48 Hills (where he comments as “Jon”).

    • John

      Except the statistics provided do not reference any alleged evictions or displacements, let alone categorize them as being “mass”.

      I am proud to have played a small part in this evolution and improvement of our community. I’ve converted a total of eight housing units from rental stock to owner-occupation. But that involved only three evictions and only about fifteen tenants, out of a total of over 100. The rest all moved voluntarily, or remain.

      Moreover I have been evicted myself and, far from whining about it, I simply resolved to become an owner and not a tenant, and to be a success and not a loser. I guess I could have reacted by becoming a criminal or a socialist, but I chose to win instead.

      Some turnover is beneficial to a community and especially when, as evidenced here, the result is a better economy, a healthier tax base, more ethnic diversity and the greater housing stability that comes with home ownership, as missionite observes below.

      What we are seeing here is the American Dream at work. We are fortunate and privileged to live in the global heart of the knowledge and sharing economies and, as such, we are the envy of much of the world.

      There are plenty of rundown cities in the rust-belt with no evictions and dirt-cheap housing, if that is your preference.

  2. Missionite

    Great to see more of us Missionites are achieving the housing stability that comes with ownership, all while maintaining the diversity that we all love about our neighborhood. Great work, Lydia!

    • marcos

      People work hard their whole lives in the hopes of possibly one day reaching the achievement of being evicted for TICs.

      • John

        TIC’s create affordable homes for people who work hard. And many TICs later become condo’s which are a very similar form of shared, affordable home ownership.

  3. everyone_is_welcome_in_SF

    It is great to see that Mission and Bernal is becoming a better place. Latin America is still the super majority at 60%. I think it would be healthy to welcome everyone to Mission/Bernal. Everyone can choose to live in Mission/Bernal, everyone is welcome to come here. Let’s keep the community open minded and accept people who come here. Please do not reject anyone based on race, color, sex and ethnic background.

    65% rental seems too high compared with the whole country. Please improve our economy and raise our income, everyone wants to own a house and achieve the American dream. Most of the tenants want to become homeowners, please help them.

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