May Day Protest Today!

Photo by Lydia Chávez

At 24th and Mission at 4 p.m.

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  1. John

    What are they protesting?

    Or is a protest for the sake of it?

    • Russo

      Sir, you and your computer are a protest machine, running non-stop, 24/7. The very definition of protesting for protest’s sake.

      May Day is a celebration, actually. Born in America, broadly celebrated everywhere except in America.

      • Joe Shlabotnik

        But it doesn’t say they’re celebrating it says they’re protesting.

      • John

        No, MayDay is not an American invention. It has origins in ancient pagan Europe and has subsequently been co-opted by various groups, most obviously by the communists.

        Since America really doesn’t do communism, we eschew MayDay, preferring instead to celebrate the industry of our workers on another day – Labor Day.

        See you on the streets then.

        • two beers

          Preach it, Brother John ! Amen!

          American don’t do no commanism! What did workers ever do for this country? And when did protests ever accomplish anything?

          Let’s get rid of all those child labor laws, 40 hours work weeks, five day work weeks, overtime pay, disability and unemployment insurance, workplace safety laws, Social Security insurance, because they’re not real, anyways– they can’t be, cuz no protestin’ never did nothin’!

          Tell us more about America, Brother John. Preach it!.

          • John

            Those advances were not causes by communism, nor by protests.

            They were caused by enlightened politicians elected by enlightened voters.

            You are free to move to Cuba or North Korea, and yet I note that you do not. Evidently your lip service to communism doesn’t go too deep.

          • two beers

            Those advances were concession to angry workers so that they didn’t turn to communism. Note how the neo-liberal assault on the American workers didn’t go into overdrive until after the fall of the eastern bloc?

            May Day is a remembrance of the massacre of protesting AMERICAN workers by police working for capitalists. It’s a very AMERICAN holiday. But politicians chose to throw a bone to labor with a holiday at another time of year, so that the massacre wouldn’t be remembered.

            Read some history.

            “You are free to move to Cuba or North Korea, and yet I note that you do not.”

            Well, said, Archie Bunker!

            You’re not really this stupid, are you?

      • My Take

        Why don’t you have something more important to do than whine about protests?

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