Gloves Off on Campos-Chiu Race

Tom Temprano, a Mission resident, writes about the Campos-Chiu race for the Assembly on 48 Hills.

One expects to find campaign materials in their mailbox, but what one doesn’t expect is to walk out the front door and see illegal posters smearing a candidate taped to the lightpost at the bottom of their stairs. Yet on Monday morning I woke up to find posters decrying David Campos as a “City Hall Hypocrite” taped up in front of my house.  READ MORE

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  1. John

    Why does Tom think these posters are “illegal”. Don’t we have first amendment free speech rights in this nation?

    If Tom wants to make up some posters and tape them around the Mission, nobody will mind.

  2. pete

    Heavens to Betsy! Illegal flyering. I think I might be getting the vapors…

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