Teachers Ask Google Why a Google Lawyer Is Evicting Tenants

Protestors from Eviction Free SF on 20th Street.

Some 200 teachers and tenant advocates marched Friday afternoon from Dolores Park to return to the house of Google lawyer Jack Halprin to ask his employer why a lawyer that works for them is displacing tenants.

From there the demonstrators headed to Mission High School and will end the March at 131 Duboce Street where Benito Santiago, a SF Paraprofessional to special education students is fighting an Ellis Act eviction.

We are updating this story as it happens. It was the second time today that protesters have gathered outside of Halprin’s home at 812 Guerrero St. Here’s our coverage of the protest earlier today. 

The march to demand an end to evictions is sponsored by Eviction Free SF, Chinese Progressive Association, Chinatown SRO Collaborative, Central City SRO Collaborative, North Beach Tenants Committee, BiSHoP (Bill Sorro Housing Program), Our Mission No Eviction, Senior Disability Action Network, and Causa Justa/Just Cause.

Protestors make their way through Dolores Street.

Protestors make their way through Dolores Street. Photo by Andra Cernavskis.

Roberto Hernandez greeting one of the protestors.

Roberto Hernandez greeting one of the protestors. Photo by Andra Cernavskis

Protestors hold piñatas. Photo by Andra Cernavskis.

Protestors hold piñatas. Photo by Andra Cernavskis.

Protesters arrive at Mission High School:

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  1. Russo

    Good work, teachers! These Silicon richies are learning that disruption is a two-way street.

    Now cue the alarmist but boring landlord lobby. (Note how they demand veneration from the working people they openly despise.)

    • Valenchia

      Cue the close minded person who makes stuff up!! (when has anyone landlord demanded veneration or anything like that?)

      Really this story is so devoid of facts or research, it is really impossible to know what is going on. But that doesn’t stop Russo!

      • HoofHearted

        We must not blame or mock those protestors. They are simply trying to fight for their best interest in the most effective way they can.

        As a ‘techie’ myself, I would like to see other ‘techies’ lead from the front and be part of the solution. Be above the trash talk that’s coming from both sides. We know that the real solution is more housing in the city – something Mayor Lee himself acknowledged. It’s microeconomics 101. So how can we help with this?

        “Because let’s be clear: we are all responsible – this is a crisis of our own making.” – Ed Lee (http://sfmayor.org/index.aspx?page=983)

        How many times have you walked by a large swath of land in the city that seem to be in disuse? Ever wonder, why?

  2. Michael Andrade

    Si se puede!!

  3. poor.ass.millionaire

    I’d have those schmucks who illegally climbed on the balcony arrested. No respect for property rights- no wonder their asses get evicted.

    • dcrf

      Go back to the socketsite woe-is-me landlord circlejerk, poor.ass.millionaire.

      Rampant real estate speculation is increasingly harming the livelihood of the two groups that make up the majority of SF’s population: the working and middle class. But i guess to you it’s all a game for making ever increasing amounts of money, at the expense of those poorer than you. Even your name shows a disconnect with reality…as if there’s such thing as a “poor” millionaire.

      Poor you, with your properties that you own! How do you ever make it, especially after being victimized by these clearly inferior people that for some reason want their community to be respected more than you “poor millionaires” who make a living by forcibly relocating them.

      • Valenchia

        You tell him! How dare someone voice an opinion different than yours! Yes he should leave and not pop your bubble!

      • poor.ass.millionaire

        dcrfart- Hey asshat, I didn’t dislocate anybody. Main way I made lotsa dinero with SF RE is due to the idiots that you help elect in this town. The more restrictive you make it to operate rentals, the more more expensive it will get. Kapish?

        And as for being poor…well let me tell you…being a millionaire sure ain’t what it used to be. 5million is the new million IMO. Life is hard.

  4. Missionite

    The fact is that despite having the highest rents in the country, the profit margins for landlords are the second lowest among U.S. cities. With so much legally mandated downside and legislated nominal upside, I’m amazed anyone is willing to rent rent-controlled units.
    Like a goldfish swimming around in a bowl, San Francisco voters keep demanding increasingly punitive laws on landlords and then are flabbergasted to find out that these laws have negative implications for renters.

  5. nutrisystem

    I saw somewhere that Halprin is Google’s chief of “e-discovery”.

    No, it’s not some sort of science game for kids… Electronic Discovery is the automated collection of evidence for use in legal proceedings.

    For example, Google could use E-Discovery to automatically scan the world’s information for people they think are violating their zillion bogus patents and then drag them into court.

    Or police departments could contract w/ Google to employ E-Discovery to scan geo-tracking databases to identify and prosecute speeders – maybe pay them a percentage of the fine.

    Or, Nations like Saudi Arabia (where homosexuality is illegal) could hire Google to use E-Discovery to identify Saudi homosexuals, who would then be arrested and stoned to death.

    The possibilities are endless.

    E-Discovery is an ominous step towards fascism. Thanks Google. Thanks Jack Halprin.

    • Valenchia

      ummm.. you obviously have no idea of what e-discovery really is. But you have a great (if rather paranoid) imagination.

      • nutrisystem

        If you think these scenarios are far-fetched in terms of the next 5-10 years, then you lack imagination.

  6. The term HOUSING RIGHTS is a lie. This is not about that. It’s about LOCATION RIGHTS. Anyone evicted can still find affordable housing, just not in the location of their choice. This is about the luxury of choosing your desirable location and getting someone to pay for it because you can’t or won’t do what it takes to earn that luxury yourself. Call it what it truly is … LUXURY OF LOCATION RIGHTS. Stop lying about the facts by mislabeling it….. HOUSING RIGHTS.

  7. San Francisco

    I can’t afford to live in Pacific Heights. It is totally Googles fault.

  8. Ambierce Brose

    This is a site sponsored by a School of Journalism?? Are you kidding me? I suppose the authors missed the irony in their own headline: protestors are asking Google (um, doesn’t seem to be so) about their employee’s real estate dealings but these budding journalists can’t bother to attempt to ask the same question of either Google, or even the landlord.

    My advice: quit journalism school. You can be Yet Another Blogger without it, at probably far less cost.

  9. MissionBernal

    Why would Google, with 20,000+ employees have any right to say anything at all about how one of their employees deals with a private, non-work situation? Teachers, answer this… how would you like it if the School Board decided to drop by your house and tell you what color to paint it, or how do deal with your dog barking all the time?

  10. Anna


    The more we make it onerous for small property owners – they less rentals will be available.

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