Laughing about Muni, Change, Cats

A evening of political humor called “San Francisco Comics Stand Up for Campos” took place in the Cinecave in Lost Weekend Video on Tuesday, April 16. We decided to bring you some of the fundraiser for District Supervisor Campos who is running for the State Assembly.

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  1. Cara Green

    Thank you, Lost Weekend! And thank you, David Campos too.

  2. Bard Phillips

    To get an idea of who is backing these two look at their donor lists. Downtown developers and the Chamber of Commerce are loving David Chiu.

    • John

      Leaving ideology aside, there is little question that Chui would be more effective in Sacramento than Campos, because Chui knows how to talk to different groups and get on with different types of people. Campos is really only comfortable with his narrow leftist support.

      Chui knows how to compromise and Campos does not. so even if you like Campos, you have to worry that he would be shunned in an Assembly where everyone else is to the right of him.

      I don’t see Campos convincing the moneyed folks of North Beach, Telegraph Hill, Nob Hill and Russian Hill. But a part of me wants him to win just so Lee can appoint a local supervisor who isn’t a divisive, polarizing figure.

  3. godzuki

    Great plug for Lost Weekend. Love that they host these comedy events. Again…another asset to San Francisco.

  4. guest

    Campos did nothing before he ran for assembly. His Mission district is the center of gentrification, and he has done nothing except stop the construction of housing.

    Nobody wants to work with Campos on any issue because he doesn’t understand economics or is too ideological to live in reality. When you stop housing construction, you raise rents. PERIOD.

    Vote for Chiu (UNLESS you want your rep. to be an ultra far left wing who everyone will ignore in Sacramento).

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