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It’s 54° and heading to 66° — possibly one of our last warm days before the forecasted cold snap that should put every weather-sensitive San Franciscan in hibernation mode. Some of those “other” parts of the Bay Area may get to below freezing by mid-week, but we’re holding out hope that our Mission will remain pleasantly comfortable.

World AIDS Day

On Sunday, more than 600 people gathered to observe World AIDS Day in Golden Gate Park’s AIDS Memorial Grove, hoping to ease the pain of heartbreak and suffering as well as take part in the ongoing fight against HIV and AIDS.  Read more here, and look for more coverage on yesterday’s events later on Mission Local.


Do you know who the power brokers of San Francisco are? Before you say, “techies!” take a look at this tidbit on the who’s who of getting stuff done their way in the Bay Area.

Judging from the giant image of Mayor Lee’s face on the cover of San Francisco Magazine’s “Power Issue,” one can see that the politicians of the city are pretty well equipped in the art of taking care of business. From Lee to his chief of staff Steve Kawa and Bay Bridge namesake Willie Brown, these are the people to keep your eye on as the city undergoes massive change.

Apparently, Kawa should be a household name by now, as he is especially highlighted. This guy is the chief of staff for Lee, was the same for Gavin Newsom, and deputy chief of staff for Brown. He negotiates the city budget with supervisors, directs contract negotiations with unions, cultivates advocacy for Lee’s policies and acts as disciplinarian for misbehaving staff members. In short, he sort of handles everything.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…Amazon?

Amazon revealed the most audaciously ambitious and borderline creepy idea ever — delivery by drones. In a surprise during a 60 Minutes interview with Charlie Rose, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos let us in on the secret: the villainous-sounding Octocopter, a drone that will deliver your order within 30 minutes.

Woah. For some of us, the fact that we are even able to receive a package on our doorstep just hours or days after placing an order can be an exciting experience. If that were to happen via Amazon’s proposed “Prime Air” service, we could be looking at an eight-legged drone that will pick up packages in yellow buckets and fly them through the air.

Bezos explained that the drones would carry packages up to five pounds, primarily serving dense urban areas, and could cover up to 86 percent of Amazon’s delivery areas. Of course, Prime Air can’t soar until at least 2015 at the earliest, because of a little sticking detail: Amazon just needs to convince the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to change their rules to allow such a service. Should be a piece of cake, right?

The future is now, folks. Read on here.

Craigslist Casualty

A truly sad piece of news reminds us to be wary when arranging meetings with strangers from the Internet. A person was shot and killed Sunday afternoon in the Bayview District during what was supposed to be a pre-arranged sale of a video game console. Instead, the victim was robbed of the aforementioned device and shot several times. Little is known at this point about the victim or the suspect, but residents with any information are urged to contact the police.

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