Suspect arrested at 22nd and Mission after allegedly starting a fight on a MUNI bus.

A man was arrested Saturday morning for allegedly starting a fight on a bus, threatening passengers and smashing a bus window in anger.

Muni bus driver, Maurice Dunn, stopped the bus at 22nd and Mission streets and called the police shortly before noon.

A man is suspected of smashing a MUNI bus window after a fight broke out with another passenger.

The suspect “was on the bus, some other man said he bumped into him and that’s all I could hear,” Dunn told Mission Local. “And they just got into an argument.”

One witness, who didn’t want to be named, said a fight broke out after someone bumped into the suspect. The witness said the suspect became irate, screaming racial slurs, and threatened to kill the other passengers.

Several police officers surrounded the suspect and hand-cuffed him, next to the stopped bus.

As he was getting off the bus, the suspect hit one of the rear door windows with some kind of pipe and broke it, Dunn said.

Alexandra Garretón

Alexandra Garreton, 26, enjoys living in a neighborhood where she can use her Spanish on a daily basis. Garreton moved to the Mission in August, and has been intrigued by the welcoming nature of the eclectic...

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