Plaza Arrests Follow 16th and Mission Shooting

A woman was detained around 1 p.m. today on Mission Street. Photo by Emily Gibson.

Note: Revised Oct. 22 to reflect updated information on victim’s age. 

Hours after a fatal shooting, three people were taken into custody on the same stretch of Mission Street between 16th and 17th streets where a 32-year-old man was struck down. Officers on the scene refused to comment on whether the arrests were related to the earlier shooting.

Police  first responded to a shooting at 16th Street and Mission at 2:18 a.m. Sunday. The victim, whose name has not been released,  was transported to San Francisco General Hospital but died soon after arriving, according to police.

At 1 p.m. Sunday, police officers detained two men outside the 16th Street plaza. The two men remained silent as police officers escorted them into the back of a police car. One man wore a hoodie over his head, partially obscuring his face.

Minutes after the two men were detained, a third suspect in handcuffs was led across Mission Street between 16th and 17th streets by two men wearing suits and blue latex gloves. The woman, wearing a blue and white striped zip-up hoodie with her hair in a ponytail, was escorted into the backseat of a silver Taurus.

“I heard it was over someone defending a girl,” Dave, who refused to give his last name, said of the homicide. He explained that when he arrived at the corner this morning, he observed the evidence team taking pictures and tagging the position of the bullet discharges.

Two detectives outside car on Mission.

Two detectives escorted a female suspect in handcuffs into a car on Mission. Photo by Emily Gibson.

Imad Ali, an employee at Apple Market which is adjacent to 16th Street plaza said he had witnessed the police detain the suspects. “The cops came from around the corner and they had the two guys with them. One was black and one was white, both with long hair. There were four cops and they were searching the two guys.”

Adil Elmakazoumi, owner of La Mission Market on the corner of 17th and Mission, said that the police had stopped by earlier asking to see the footage from his store’s cameras. They were unable to pull anything from the footage because the cameras are used for in-house monitoring and do not record.

Elmakazoumi added, “Is it just my imagination, or is crime getting worse?”

Today’s shooting was the sixth homicide in the Mission in 2013, as compared to six to date in 2012 and four in 2011. Earlier this month, we compiled data from the San Francisco Police Department on violent crime, aggravated assault, and rape in the Mission over the past five years. Learn more here.

Police issued an update at 1:58 p.m. saying that they were canvassing the area for witnesses.  “Anyone with information is encouraged to call Homicide investigators at 415-553-1145 or the anonymous tip line at 415-575-4444,” police asked.

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  1. randolph mortimer

    This always happens, the police always crack down after someone gets shot and killed. It’ll be back to business as usual at the plaza next week, we’ve all seen it before.

  2. james

    who needs healthcare when everyone keeps killing each other?

  3. Salsa Shark

    16TH ST BART does not have a “northwest” entrance.

  4. Pamela

    Good work SFPD! Great that you caught these scumbags. Now where is District 9 Supervisor Campos?! MIA again!!

    • flores

      what kind of warped imagination is this blaming campos? !

      • MissionBizOwner

        The real question is, why doesnt every one blame compos? He is our districts supervisor…. Do you hear him yelling and screaming about the murders? no

  5. Mister Big

    SFPD Mission station is just a block away from this chronic cesspool. Yet nothing ever changes.

  6. Katherine

    When will the city do something about this intersection? Everyone needs to use the Bart, and the activity on this corner endangers everyone. Do our city officials even care?

  7. Mister Big

    This is what happens when law enforcement lets trouble fester.

  8. Nick

    Does anyone have info about the shooting yesterday on Folsom at 21st? No press coverage anywhere, like it never happened.

  9. LT.

    I feel that instead of depending on big buiness and a government that hasn’t been people first for a long time; we should in turn depend on ourselves.
    I propose haveing all night sit ins day time awareness campaigns, petitioning SF mayor to allocate funds for programs like in other Bay Area city’s to extend into the problem neighborhoods, but we need to make the effort. I’ve already started from the ground working with the people in the neighborhoods in question because they’re people not scum not vagrants or any other false title or concept of mind. I’m going back to school and reaching more and more people everyday to re-instill hope and self-worth what happen to that. 1 World website coming soon look me up on Facebook. Be safe , Be Blessed

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