A Mission icon since the 1940s, Bruno's at 2389 Mission St. earned a reputation as a gathering place for local politicians.

The San Francisco Public Library maintains an archive of the city’s restaurant menus, some of which date back more than a century.

From the hundreds of menus in the archive, we found these five files from the Mission District.

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He once tried to sell homemade sauerkraut. Now, Mark Kurlyandchik, a lifelong foodie from a Russian family of small business owners, writes about the business of food. He’s excited to explore how immigrant entrepreneurs influence the experience of eating in the Mission.

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  1. Slide 6 is a good history mystery! I looked in the directory and found that address listed as the Rio Grande bakery in 1938. That address is also currently listed as a bakery now (not sure if it’s the same building throughout all these years). Couldn’t find anything about Club Habana or Wolf’s Den other than a men’s barbershop in the FiDi in (at least) the late 70s/early 80s (I’d put the flier somewhere late 60s early 70s if I had to take a guess), but I also had to stop looking before I went too deep in a rabbit hole before bedtime…

  2. El Tazumal was on 20th St. during the 80s…They had great burritos. They went out of business when a car crashed into the front of the restaurant. I don’t think they ever re-opended after that.