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Nineteen-year-old Cesar Bermudez was killed and another man was injured in a double shooting near 24th and Harrison streets on Wednesday, police said.

The victims were approached at around 6 p.m. by two men who shot them. Bermudez died at the scene and the other victim was taken to San Francisco General Hospital. His condition was not immediately disclosed, but according to police Sgt. Matt Rodgers, he was being treated for a gunshot wound to the foot.

Wednesday’s killing was the third homicide in the Mission in the last eight days. Jose Escobar was shot and killed early Saturday morning on 16th Street. Caesar Chuc, a cook at Serpentine Restaurant, died from injuries he sustained when a group of suspects attacked him on Valencia Street the previous Tuesday.

“Right now we have our homicide investigators who are out here due to the fatality, and we also have our gang task force that’s out here too, trying to investigate and find out what’s going on,” said Sgt. Carlos Manfredi. “This is still very preliminary, so we’re trying to gather more information.”

Police were still on the scene as of 8 p.m. Family members of the deceased, some weeping, stood nearby.

Supervisor David Campos, who came to the scene, said he was in contact with San Francisco’s police chief and the Mission police captain about adding officers to the Mission.

“We want to make sure that we protect everyone,” Campos said. “This is very sad, and it’s going to take all of us coming together to make sure this violence stops.”

By 10:09 p.m. police had shut down the entire block of Mission Street between 24th and 25th streets to traffic. There were over 15 police officers with flashlights on the corner of 24th and Mission, searching for guns or other evidence and speaking to potential witnesses.

According to officers on site, the 2800 block of Mission is a potential crime scene. A cell phone was found in the middle of the street and the block will be closed off until the phone is photographed and placed into evidence.

In another development, four men were handcuffed, two on Mission Street and two on Osage Street, while officers interrogated them. It was not clear whether the men were victims or suspects, according to Rodgers.

“We are in the middle of a burgeoning gang issue and we’re all caught in the middle,” Rodgers said.

He advises all residents to observe their surroundings and report any information they might have.

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