Captain Robert Moser and Office Keith address the concerns of the neighborhood at Tuesday night's meeting at the Mission Police Station.

More than a dozen residents brought their concerns about neighborhood quality-of-life issues to Capt. Robert Moser Tuesday during a 6 p.m. meeting at the Mission police station.

Residents of the area around 16th and Mission streets complained of human feces, needles on the street and a couple who have been sleeping on the street. Some complained about drug dealers hanging around at 16th and Alameda streets when the bars close. Dealers frequently sell crack to the bar crowd, one resident said.

Many residents voiced concerns about homeless people and prostitutes outside their homes, especially around Albion, Capp and Shotwell streets, and asked Moser about police efforts to clean up that neighborhood. He replied that the influx into that area may be the effect of the displacement of prostitutes from 16th and Mission streets, where police have been working to curb the problem.

Police began a new prostitute detail this week, Moser said, and would focus on Shotwell and Capp streets between midnight and 5 a.m.

“The pimps are a lot more dangerous than the ladies,” said one woman in attendance.

Neighborhood involvement is crucial for the new detail to make arrests, Moser said. Residents should take down license plate numbers, trim trees in the area to make the streets more visible, and make sure all outside lights are working.

He assured residents that officers will follow up on problems that are reported online.

“The thing with homeless issues … if there’s an encampment we can take an action on that. If they’re committing crimes … officers can also take immediate action,” Moser said.

He advised residents to report quality-of-life issues via the Mission Station website.

Earlier in the meeting, Moser reported a 50 percent decrease in neighborhood crime overall; however, aggravated assaults have increased 14 percent in the last month. Burglaries are down 38 percent, while robberies and arson are up by 50 and 100 percent, respectively. Auto thefts are also on the rise, especially of 1990s models of Toyotas and Hondas. Vehicles stolen in the Mission are being “dropped off” in upper Noe Valley, Moser said.

Bicycle thefts from garages are on the decrease, he said, while thefts from cutting bike cable locks on the street are on the rise. The department is working with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and the National Bike Registry to curb the problem. Thefts have been frequent in commercial areas, especially on 15th, 20th and Market streets.

Descriptions and photos of stolen bicycles that have been recovered can be found on the Mission Station website.

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  1. Needles on the streets in this area do have to be cleaned up. The people do want to be helped. They may have some issues mentally, but no one wants to live like an animal in a dangerous environment.

  2. These people really do not want to be helped. They have been through very difficult times and are jaded. I don’t think there is anything that can be done.

  3. Prostitutes definitely like South Van Ness, especially since the bus route was temporarily moved there.

  4. How about MUNI and the various cabs flying down South Van Ness blasting their horns as the blow through the yellow and red lights.

    This is all day and evening long. I Folsom see the police pullings cars over but the root of the problem is the fact that the light timing was changed to allow this huge traffic safety issue to develop.

    There are far to many residents and pedestrians and school kids for this to continue.

  5. There are more prostitutes on SouthVan Ness than Capp or Shotwell combined. Why is this not mentioned?

    This is the second article where you neglect to mention this. Do you think the skip South Van on their way to Capp and Shotwell?

  6. i don’t understand where the addicts and prostitutes and other members of the underbelly of society are supposed to go.

      1. Mental health services/shelters have been drastically cut in SF over the last 5 years. “Treatment on demand” was never properly implemented. I agree with you Jane. Where are people to go? What do you suggest, russian hill? Extermination? So your night out in the mission isn’t spoiled?

        1. for your info…i hardly live in russian hill. I chose the name on the fly.. I am a former drug addict..very active in 12 step programs here in the city. So i have first hand experience on this I have battled this my whole life and only have 8 months pulled together now. “where do they go” problem. EVen if I did live on Russian Hill…does it matter? This problem doesnt care where the hell i live..and there is no difference between me and the people on 16th and mission. Addiction is the same…and by the grace of God i was able to get myself off the streets.

    1. are you serious Jane? Where should they go? So should be just zone 16th and mission as the shit show where you can run amuck?

  7. I have to say that about 4 months ago..i was stopped for J walking at 16th and mission. After being in the wells fargo. They stopped me while directly across the street a pimp was yelling at his “woman”, one lady was urinating with pants down right by the stairs to the bart with in eye shot….and the list goes one. Lets no even mention the crack smoking that was by the benches and the food could smell it. I had to laugh!!!!