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Got a Tip? Call Police.

By HÉLÈNE GOUPIL Captain Stephen Tacchini walked into the community meeting at the Mission police station on Tuesday with grim news. Crime is up 12 percent compared to last year. On the bright side, Tacchini said, service calls are also up 12 percent, which means officers are helping more people. Although there is no connection between the two facts, Tacchini...

Reining Chaos – 2

Editors’ Notes on founding and working at Mission Loc@l 4 November 2008 Election day madness! Lydia Chavez has been up since 4:30 this morning blogging and editor-ing. At 6:50 pm, as pundits call Ohio for Obama, she shoots photographs of behind-the-scenes action at Mission Loc@l.

Reining Chaos – 1

Editors’ Notes on founding and working at Mission Loc@l 1 November 2008 SOME BACKGROUND The journalism industry’s falling apart. We’re asking students at UC Berkeley’s J-School to pay thousands of dollars for graduate school.  Can they get jobs in a media that’s disappearing? Earlier this year, the paper where I I got my start–The Albuquerque Tribune–folded. By April of next...

COMMUNITY INPUT: Valencia Streetscape Art

The artists chosen to make proposals for the public art project for Valencia Street will meet with the community July 23 from 9:30 to 11:30 at the Mission Police Station at 630 Valencia. They’ll listen to what you would like, return to their studios and then create their projects.  Those will go on view before one of them is chosen.