Pedestrian Struck by Car on 19th St.

A man in his late 30s to early 40s was struck by a Toyota Sienna and then bounced off another vehicle on 19th Street just west of Valencia Street shortly after 6 p.m. on Saturday.

A woman who witnessed the incident told Mission Loc@l that the man was hit by a car traveling west on 19th Street. She said his body flew up into the air.

Alex Barajas was on his way to Ali Baba’s Cafe, heading east across Valencia on 19th, when he heard someone say, “Watch out, watch out.” He turned back to see what happened.

“He went flying up in the air and then came down and bounced off the other vehicle,” Barajas said of the victim. “He must have been 10 feet up in the air.”

Barajas said the victim landed on the hood of a car traveling east on 19th Street and then rolled off onto the street.

He was unsure of the make of the second car, which did not remain at the scene of the accident.

A pedestrian was hit by a Toyota Sienna on 19th Street Saturday evening.

Barajas said that the victim was crossing against the light and the driver of the Sienna had the right of way. The driver said the victim ran across the street.

Pedestrians nearby surrounded the victim until emergency workers and police arrived. Some tried to talk to the victim. Others stood around him, forming a protective circle.

The victim had a large bump on his head but appeared to be conscious when he was transported to the hospital.

We will update this story as we get more information.

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  1. Missionite

    Don’t cross against the light . Too many people think,drivers should stop for them when they cross against the light. If a driver takes there eyes off the road thinking no one is stupid enough to cross against the light, right?
    But there are too many dumb asses who think they should be able to cross and cars should stop. Beware

  2. heather

    I hate to say it, but it’s true: if you cross against the light, it is nobody’s fault but your own if you end up injured or dead. I see people completely disregard the light on both Mission and Valencia, and while sometimes it’s crackheads, it’s by no means ALWAYS crackheads. Do you really need to get to where you’re going two minutes ahead of time?

  3. Aaron W

    Sad and scary for the victim. It’s a risk when you cross against the light. It’s unfortunate for all involved.

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