Family Chooses New Owner Over Relatives’ Cafe

Wang Ye Lin serving up the last lunch at Hidden Paradise Cafe in Mission Market

Wang Ye Lin and his sister Mei Lin served the last lunch at Hidden Paradise Cafe today.

The owners said that an Italian restaurant will replace the cafe. The Lins said that a family member owns the long-term lease or the building but the family determined that the monthly rent offered by the Italian restaurant was more than “we [Hidden Paradise] made in a month.”  So the family decided to close and rent.

Today there were more family members there to help serve lunch than customers.  Most all of them I had never seen but they, in my opinion, shared a lot of facial characteristics.  What I am absolutely sure of is that Mei and Wang Ye are brother and sister.

Their food was light, fresh, and healthy and the value was extraordinary.  It was the cordial extended Lin family that made the dining experience beyond compare.  For me Hidden Cafe will be dearly missed.

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  1. thenocalal

    Are you kidding me? The food was ok steam table quality, and at that level, wasn’t really cheap. There were hardly any customers, and it seemed they were open 2 hours a day at best. I always would ponder how they were making any money.

    • Thanks for your comments thenocalal. I must admit we almost always ate a slight variation of the same thing: a soup – of which Hidden Paradise had a several variants and the chicken combo which had a sliced Teriyaki style and a sliced chicken cutlet. The cutlet was always cooked to order because breading gets soggy in minutes and it never was. The soup had noodles which I saw Wang Ye put into the boiling water. the Bok Choi in the soup was never over cooked as it still had that crunch. You bet, the shrimp was frozen and the crab was that crab like fish product. But for $5.99 I didn’t expect anything else. And they always gave us a plate of fresh bean sprouts to eat while we waited. Our tea cup was always kept full. The Lins always seemed to appreciate us as customers. We ate lunch two or three times a week. It was, by my measure, great but I never strayed from what I ordered the first time. I guess I should have. Take care.

      • Pinched Nerve

        Dude. Those bean sprouts were for you to put in your soup. They weren’t an appetizer.

        • tasted great none the less. Next time I’ll put them in the soup.

        • Hey Pinched Nerve, I was wrong. I misspoke. I’m sorry. Next time I am only going to put half of the bean sprouts in the soup. I’ve been thinking about it all afternoon… those little water balloons filled with a light, fresh, green, ever so slightly spicy flavor should be, in part, enjoied all by themselves. And to make matters worse, I am gonna eat them before there is a single other taste around. In fact it sounds so good to me I am stopping by Duc Loi on the way home and grab a bag full, turn on the evening news, and eat every one like…. cheetos

  2. Peter

    Hidden Paradise Cafe will be sorely missed.

    Great food, incredible value.

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