Crowdsourcing: Dogs vs. Babies

See the full map here.

En Español.

We’re producing maps with an undergraduate mapping class at UC Berkeley and would like your help in crowdsourcing. If you see anything we’ve missed, or any problems or issues, please comment. See the full map here.

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  1. You included scale, which is cool– although it’s not in metric, small typographic face indicating faint disappointment. But a compass rose or some other indication of which way north is would be a good idea.

  2. Michael

    Your map is sideways, which wouldn’t be a big deal (though always annoys me), but you completely left out the directional compass. If you ask any decent cartographer, they’ll tell you that without the compass, scale line, and legend, this is just a picture (all 3 required).

    Also, you don’t need to explain the color differentiation in the summary. That info should be clear in the legend. If it’s not, then your legend has problems.

    Finally, is this map providing any insight? Not really. You’re comparing number of babies to locations of dog stores. These two sets of data are completely unrelated, and don’t have any effect on each other. I’m actually perplexed. Why not make a map comparing the number of new cars vs. locations of donut shops?

    Keep trying…

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