A woman attempts to help the downed cyclist who was struck by a Land Rover around midnight on Sunday. Photo by Octavio Lopez Raygoza

Updated 12:45 a.m.

At approximately 12 a.m., a cyclist was hit by the driver of a gray-green Land Rover at the intersection of 21st and Mission streets. Some witnesses say the driver ran a red light. The vehicle continued after the impact for about a half-block, and then abruptly stopped.

The driver and a passenger got out of the car, witnesses said. The driver then continued to flee on foot, hailed a taxi and fled the scene. Police are still searching for the suspect, who they say is a man in his late 20s and may be intoxicated.

The passenger, who remained on the scene, said he does not know the driver and had just met him that night.

Paramedics arrived to aid the male cyclist, bleeding but conscious, and took him to San Francisco General Hospital.

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  1. As a Missionite, we need more police visibility!
    There are too many bars with too many drunken people and
    when they got into their cars, something unfortunate like tonight will happened.
    Since the driver fled and left the car, I hope he’ll be caught soon!

    1. I could not agree with you more- the craziness that alcohol engenders in the Mission and the types of people it brings in are ruing this neighborhood. I think there needs to be a neighborhood calming campaign AND a moratorium on new alcohol licensing. I’m so tired of people bring out the big crazy and then saying “it’s the Mission” whenever anyone calls them on their behavior. Vibrant night life? Fine. Aggressive drunks who come into this neighborhood to act like assholes? Not fine.

  2. Does it really matter if the driver was white? I think his approximate age is all we really need. Personally I’m deeply offended that the police or anyone find it necessary to include race when describing a suspect. This is an obviously racist act.

    1. Umm. When police are looking for a suspect racial information can help narrow down the search. BTW, I hope the biker is okay.

      1. the driver of the car was asian. i saw him….and his ‘friend.’
        so, race is important when looking for a suspect.

  3. Um. Actually they typically do not include race. How about we focus on the fact that someone on a bicycle was run over by a drunk asshole in a land rover and let go of the race thing? Sheesh.

  4. Well Heather, I guess that’s my point. Why choose now to include race? Seems a bit inconsistent to me. Since only giving approximate ages of suspects in other crimes such as stabbings and shootings is good enough, why is it not good enough here?

  5. The police routinely use race to narrow their suspects down. I live in the Mission and every time I need to call the police about some asshat vomiting on my front steps or congregating outside my apt at 3 in the morning, they ask for race so they have some sense of who they’re looking for.

    1. Thanks, we’ve updated the story, holding back on the suspect’s description until we get further confirmation.

      1. HI my names Kevin, I was the one who was hit! I have no idea what happened between getting hit and waking up in the hospital. if anyone can please help me with information it would mean a lot to me. I know that the driver still has not been identified and the police have yet to check to see if the driver and the vehicle owner are the same. but if anyone has any info please email me kevsquirrel@gmail.com thank you.

  6. The biker (a close friend of mine) fractured his hip and is going in to surgery today. Please let me and/or the cops know if you have any other details on who these people were.

  7. If they have his car, how can they not catch the driver?

    Race is very relevant to catching suspects, and all races commit crimes. How would you feel if you were robbed or raped and the bad guy got away because the police or media were too PC to offer a description??

    1. Hey Bob, if thats the case then why was race not given in these crimes? The victims in these cases could tell how old the person was, but not their race? I could list dozens of these, here are just a few. Seems the police are quick to release the race of a suspect in some cases and not others, are we to assume the suspects in these cases are non-white? If so, sounds like a clear cut case of discrimination to me.




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