ROA Paints Sea Lions on Bartlett

Roa, on the left, and his documentarian.

While engaging in my favorite pastime of photographing murals and street art, I was on the south end of Osage Street when a guy walked by and asked, “Do you like this stuff?”

“You bet,” I replied. He then told me that ROA, the famous street artist, was doing a piece down on Bartlett and 21st.

There I found ROA and his documentarian, who wouldn’t allow me to photograph their faces but told me to hurry down to 15th and Valencia to check out another painting he had been working on.

“It’s kind of a rat or opossum-like creature crawling across the existing graffiti,” ROA said.

On Tuesday Uptown Almanac posted a photo of the rodent; it had been splashed before ROA was able to finish it. Since then he has returned and finished the painting, although he is not sure how long it will last.

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