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I’ve spent the week looking at Missed Connections in the neighborhood, and for my final post on the subject, I leave you with this map of the Missed Connections posted over the last month in the Mission. Have a closer look here.

For the most part, the posts come from the busier spots in the Mission — the BART stations, Valencia Street, 16th Street, Dolores Park. That makes sense — lots of people, lots of missed connections. But it’s pretty striking that Mission Street yields so few Missed Connections while Valencia is an endless string of them. Our neighborhood’s main arteries are so close, but worlds apart in other ways.

I did find it surprising who’s doing most of the posting — the dudes. According to my calculations, 77 of the posts are from men (56 m4w, 21 m4m), while 52 are from women (36 w4m, 16 w4w.) And CL is way more of a cruising ground for the straights (92 posts) than everybody else (37).

For me, it’s been an interesting week. I’m a cold, cold East Coast girl and a bit of an introvert to boot, so spending a week trying to will someone to write me a Missed Connection has changed the way I act. I’ve been smiling at strangers, getting out more and letting myself be struck by just how many comely folk call this neighborhood home.

Despite that, it’s proven easier to make actual connections than to miss one! I’ve met a bunch of people this week — a couple were creepy, but most were perfectly lovely. Alas, no one has posted about me or responded to the posts that my fellow reporters and I have written. But even though I didn’t get missed-connected, I’m ending the week feeling more connected in general. And I think I’d take a real connection over a missed one any day.