In advance of the San Francisco #burritup, a tweetup-slash-burrito crawl that is going down on Friday, Mission Loc@l wants to know who makes your favorite burrito in the neighborhood.

The poll above lists some of the more popular taquerias and restaurants in the Mission, but we know that there are plenty more out there serving mean burritos — tell us which place you think does it right.

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Ashwin Seshagiri

Life-long Bay Area resident Ashwin Seshagiri moved to the Mission last year to pursue journalism professionally. Though at times cynical about the familiar haunts, he manages to uncover delightful surprises in the neighborhood’s interiors. When he’s not exploring, Seshagiri might be found playing bocce ball at Precita Park or making the devilish drive down Route 1 to Half Moon Bay.

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  1. By far and hands down one of the longest running and best establishments in the mission. It’s been fantastic since the 70’s so I got to say the carne asada “divine” the chicken “blissful” and the carnitas “Addicting” so there you have from a true San Francisco native not some lame transplant who doesn’t even have roots in the bay area!

  2. I second La Palma!! I just ate there this afternoon!!! Their flour tortillas are the best and they make the best carnitas in the city.

  3. Taqueria San Francisco at 24th/York. Good amount of meat, perfect beans / rice, and also the best kids burrito (beans/rice/cheese).

  4. I was also shocked not to see La Cumbre on the list. Whenever I visit San Francisco, that’s always on my must do list, and has been since I left The City nearly 30 years ago.

  5. Hey Everyone, because of popular demand, we added Pancho Villa to the poll. So, in the words of Josh Low, if you thought “leaving Pancho Villa off this list is like leaving Lincecum off the list of the greatest Giants,” go back and vote it up!

  6. Y Pancho Villa?
    If you had never tried Panchos Villa’s shrimp burrito you are totally lost, sorry.
    Josh Low is totally correct:”Leaving Pancho Villa off of this list is like leaving Lincecum off the list of greatest Giants.”

  7. Depends if I’m drunk or sober.

    Drunk? Farolito. Sober? Papalote. Sacrilege I know, but damn their salsa is delicious.

  8. Leaving Pancho Villa off of this list is like leaving Lincecum off the list of greatest Giants. Sure, there are probably better players, but he at least deserves the top 10.