Police said the “big commotion” reported by one eyewitness on 18th and Lexington around 9:45 a.m. was caused by the police pursuit of a suspected Muni fare evader.

The witness said one person was arrested and the other ended up in an ambulance.

Police were unable to provide any information regarding the man who was put into the ambulance.

The witness reported seeing two undercover cops turn on their sirens while another officer chased a male suspect across 18th Street. The cop tackled the suspect to the ground and arrested him while another man began yelling at the police to leave the suspect alone.

Five police cars arrived within the next minute, the witness said. The spectator continued yelling. Next, an ambulance and fire truck arrived at the scene.

The man yelling at police was eventually put on a stretcher and placed in the ambulance.

Skateboard to the Face

A man was struck in the face with a skateboard after a confrontation with a group of youngsters at around 9:15 p.m. on Thursday.

A witness told police that the 40-year-old Hispanic male had been walking around Potrero Del Sol Skatepark taunting a group of young skaters and using racial slurs. The suspect, a 13-year-old African-American boy, subsequently assaulted the man, striking him in the face with his skateboard, police reported.

Police said the victim suffered abrasions and lacerations to his face and was taken to SF General Hospital, where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. No arrests have been made.

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