SFPD Cracking Down on Prostitution

Sting operations on Treat, patrols 22 hours a day.

Mission Local reporter Rosa Ramirez sends note that Capt. Greg Corrales of Mission Police Station said that police have been cracking down on prostitution in the area. During a recent sting, four men were arrested when they tried to solicit a plainclothes officer posing as a prostitute at 17th and Treat. According to Corrales, two cars are dedicated to enforcing the laws, and patrols are out 22 hours a day (what about the last two hours?)

More in the Mission today:

Free Music and Show

Local band/musician The Blank Tapes will be playing a show at Amnesia on Thursday to highlight their new album, Home Away From Home. Check out the album, which is available for free download, for a limited time. (Via the Bay Bridged)

Mas Musica, Por Favor

If that’s not enough, how about the free tickets to an April 16 show by Bad Lieutenant, consisting of bandmates formerly of New Order, formerly of Joy Division and (yes, he’s taking it there!) formerly of Warsaw? While SF Weekly may have already given the tix away, the band sounds good enough (ie, enough like New Order) to go ahead and pay for the tickets.

On Sunday, the SF Mixtape Society is also hosting it’s second mix-tape mixer from 4-6 p.m. at the Make Out Room. The first one, waaaay back in January was a great time, and it’s good to see they’re getting together for a second round.


Andrew Sarkarati of Mission Mission gets adventurous and checks out taquerias in Tijuana and discovers that, like Indian food in India, it’s waaaaaay better (and cheaper) there.

And in good news for locavores, local salmon fishermen and pescatarians, Eater SF points out that local salmon fishing starts this Sunday for the first time since 2007.

Born Unlucky
Julie Michelle of CALIBER catches this gem of a street stamp, and also goes on to explain why we have street names engraved into sidewalks in San Francisco.

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  1. E.H.

    Regarding the prostitution crackdown, I’d prefer the police target the pimps rather than the “Johns”. There will always be men trying to pick up prostitutes, but the serious problems are the pimps, who stand nearby and hassle the ordinary women and girls who live in the neighborhood. They are creeps who prey on women, and are well known for abusing the women who work for them.

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