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6 A.M.  51° and cloudy.  Rain expected by the afternoon, and yes, it has been a particularly cold, wet, March.

The Mission Today

Attention MUNI junkies.  No meetings for you today.  Seems like a good day to stay in bed.  When consciousness returns, see Rachel’s lineup for a cheesy but otherwise magical weekend.

We Won!

Cue the Confetti!  Break Out the Good Stuff!  It’s National Cheerleading Month, and what better time to celebrate  “Victory At Last”.  In Iraq!!   Michael Hastings and Glenn Greenwald denounce the Victory(!) as the propaganda ploy it surely is, but old somewhere old Senator George Aiken (R-VT) must be reaching for a cigar.  Wasn’t it Aiken who devised the most credible solution to the Vietnam War — declare Victory(!) and get the hell out(!)?  We’re waiting for the next step.

Missionloc@l to Open Restaurant.  Or not.

The hyper-industrious Kevin Montgomery at Uptown Almanac scoops missionloc@l!  Again!  You know we just come over here to slum-it with the homies on sunny afternoons, then it’s back to Berktown before night falls, so we can hardly be expected to know everything.  Nonetheless, the Regents were so thrilled to hear we were opening a restaurant in the San Francisco, they were already jacking up the prices.   It’s going to be so embarrassing when we tell them it was just a joke.  I guess we’ll have to pool our trust fund allowances, buy a case of Colt 45 PBR and keep it real by puking our guts out in Lilac Alley before getting back on the BART.

The Barrio Brand

Wondering what was going to become of the old New College HQ, the sickly pale green landmark on Valencia, once so innovative, now so dilapidated?  Going to get a face lift it seems, and, this may be too much of a shock this morning, but SF Foodie John Birdsall reports  that it’s going to be a “Mission art bar and cafe”.     The Mission has truly arrived.  It’s one thing to have a signature neighborhood burrito, but a gallery/cafe/bar brand is really hitting the big time.

How Green Was My Ice Cream

Lining up for assistance in Chile after the Tsunami?  A detour in the St.Patrick’s Day Parade?  The earth twenty or thirty years from now (they look like they’re having a good time anyway)?  Photo from potential past, titled “Not Worth It.”