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CAFE LA BOHEME  6 A.M.  Clear and cold 48° at daybreak.  The temperature fell with the hail last night and hasn’t come back yet.  Sun expected though some are talking rain by evening.

Today’s Mission

A meeting at the Board of Education where the always controversial school assignment issue will be discussed.  The nick culp trio at Revolution Cafe tonight,  and SPUR has a lunchtime forum to discuss what to do with empty lots.  Looking for a free lunch?  Forget it.

Democracy  Alive and Kicking: What Now?

People participating at both the MUNI hearing last Wednesday and the MUNI Summit this past weekend were passionate, informed and armed with a ideas on how to fix the problem.  Though in agreement that something must be done to dramatically improve public transportation in the City, beyond that base line, perspectives differ, needs differ and proposed solutions differ.  Michael Rhodes, writing in SFStreetsblog, looks at the problem of organizing people who have little in common with one another except for one thing:  they ride the bus.

Breathe Easy Aunt Lola

Thanks to Uptown Almanac for breaking the story of the Ganja Man’s bust, accompanied by dramatic photos of the SFPD narc squad in action.  Wow!  Dolores Park can breathe easy; the threat to surrounding property values has been eased, sez UA.  Not everyone, like SFist’s Brock Keeling, agrees with that sentimental assessment; they think Ganja Man had it coming.  Other denizens of the Park believe the “bust” was  a commercial for an upcoming show on the Food Network; still others argue it was a fundraiser for the SFPD.

Reading in Three Dimensions

Given the box office success of Avatar,  McSweeny’s wasted little time in jumping on the 3-D bandwagon, rolling out their new  three dimensional print edition, the font of the future. To learn more about this technological breakthrough,  just keep scrolling,  like website circa 1996; you’ll find it.  Only one of McSweeny’s charms.

Stable Eating

Destination 17th and Folsom?   It’s true.  Joshua Skenes Saison is getting some well-deserved recognition and beginning to draw in the wandering foodies.  Simple, elegant and (relatively) inexpensive, it’s a unique addition to the microhood and will be going five days a week soon.  Even the critics find it irresistable.