In another revelation to the Mission community, Ariel Dovas is the source for Burrito Justice’s extensive post on In Smog and Thunder, a mockumentary based on a war between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Be sure and check out the trailer on the movie’s website to get a feel for what awaits.

But it begs a few questions about the war – would Oakland and San Jose, seeing this as their opportunity to finally rid themselves of their dominant neighbor, ally with the south? Would the secessionist San Fernando Valley take its chance to fight for independence? And could San Francisco bring itself to ally with Orange County, thus opening a southern front against Los Angeles?

But enough of that. To cheer up the northern troops, there’s a bike cabaret in town, and they’re at the Box Factory tonight.

This is outside of the Mission, but since it’s a chance to get some art supplies for super-cheap, (75% off), Broke-Ass Stuart breaks the sad news that the Pearl on Market in between 5th and 6th streets is closing.

At SFoodie, we’re not only reminded of the killer Hidden Menu, but also pointed towards bacon foccacia at Dynamo and a signature Tartine Toast at Tartine. Meanwhile, editor John Birdsall asks about the ethics of food journalism in an age of Twitter, where 140 characters is just too few to disclose a conflict of interest. What do you think?

Last, KALW’s new Crosscurrents magazine, takes us into the ring with the Lucha Libre fundraiser at John O’Connell High School.

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He also waits for the day when bacon and buffalo sauce combine on one plate.

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