While Gestalt Haus still stands, some of the crew have apparently cut ties and gone to set up their own bar way up in Fairfax, the Marin Independent Journal reports. Basically the new place boils down to this – beer + bike racks + sausages = good.

Speaking of crews cutting ties, Eater’s reporting that the Weird Fish crew have cut their ties with Bender’s, meaning no more fried pickles or buffalo seitan for you.

And skipping back up a paragraph and speaking of sausages, looks like Rosamunde’s new Mission location in the old Cafe Arguello has delayed its opening until the 15th, with a soft launch, but the sausage fest really begins on Monday the 18th.

Meanwhile, Michael Rhodes at Streetsblog SF takes a look at the newly-widened Valencia Street sidewalks. Beautiful, aren’t they?

Two amazing photos today on the webs, the first by Flickr user Greatest Paka Photography of an RIA Financial Services office, and the second by Stuart Dixon of CALIBER for this puddle reflection shot of the Mission Bar sign.

The cool kids over at Mission Mission have been having a semantic discussion over a word that I don’t think I can actually write here, but is well worth the click.

…but I only link to that to bring Webster’s (of dictionary fame, not TV) word of the year for 2009. And that word is … distracted driving. (via @streetsblog)

Seems. Appropriate.

Last, replace “Echo” with “Dolores” in the following video, and there you have it.

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He also waits for the day when bacon and buffalo sauce combine on one plate.

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