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Starting Saturday, Mission Burger is staying up late. The fellows behind the burger joint inside Duc Loi grocery store are taking their venture outside.

“We want to have it for people who are going out for a drink,” says Danny Vowien, a Mission Burger maker.

Since the grocery store closes at 9 p.m. everyday, Anthony Myint and Vowien will serve up burgers and “possibly fries,” either outside the store or down street in front of Lung Shan.

The latter, at 2234 Mission St., is where Myint’s other food project, Mission Street Food, goes live every Thursday and Saturday.

There won’t be any of that tasty mint lemonade, though.

“It’s too cold for that.”

Asked if there was anything that needed to be added, Vowien replied, “It’s going to be awesome.”

There you have it.