Local photographer Troy Holden of photography supergroup CALIBER was watching “The Nutcracker” at Brava last night when the power went out, part of a power outage that affected several thousand customers today. Not to be discouraged though, the show must go on, as it did with flashlights and accapella. I’m looking forward to seeing any pictures from the power outage and the determined cast.

Meanwhile, fellow CALIBER photog Julie Michelle posted this great photo of local Sweet Cart sweetheart Dottie, also a photographer (we’re everywhere!), on her site i live here:SF.

Sometimes it’s fun to see what happens to articles as they circulate the Web, winding up who-knows-where. I spied one such recent piece, Joseph and Mary as Illegal Immigrants, here being dissected on the anti-immigration website VDARE.com. But I wonder who this “The Mission Blog” is that’s stealing our content.

And for dessert, Beer & Nosh dissects Mission Street Food’s offal night, which featured fried chicken livers, tripe and trotters. Whether or not offal floats your boat, its a gorgeous photo essay of some gorgeous food, and ends with a sort of retrospective of Mission Street Food as it completes its first year.

– Armand

Armand Emamdjomeh

Armand is a photojournalism and multimedia student at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, and is originally from Baton Rouge, La. His work history includes being a paper pusher in Los Angeles...

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