santas Saw this window display in a shop near Mission and 25th. Where else could you find no less than four Santas all dancing, one of which is wearing a Che shirt?

The blogs are quiet, which might have something to do with it being the weekend after Christmas, and 63% of the city is still out of town. This, unfortunately had an affect on this month’s Critical Mass, which was also this year’s naked ride, for about the 50 who showed up.

Meanwhile, while I’ve been stuck for 30 minutes at a time by the 22 Fillmore before, I caught two lucky connections on the 22 this weekend. Being a holiday weekend and all, I was one of the few on it as well. Fittingly, Muni Diaries has posted this tribute to the line by someone visiting the city for three weeks. So this is what Muni looks like to an outsider.