Well the lack of things actually happening online is causing me to really grasp at straws here. Here’s hoping things pick back up tomorrow, when you all actually get back to work.

Fabric8 gallery held it’s first annual egg nog competition (the nog-in) today, according to Vegansaurus, three out of the six entries were vegan. No word on the winner yet though.

Also according to Vegansaurus, Gracias Madre is finally open after a long wait – “It’s like being in a fancy spa (in Mexico?)”

Read the rest of their quick review, it’s worth it. While it didn’t look packed on the day after Christmas, @MLNow’s own editors noted that it was super packed on Sunday.

I missed this earlier, but as long as people are buying weird kitschy stuff for their babies, why not in the form of a BART pass? No word yet on the number of accidents caused by inebriated parents trying to fit their little ones into card slots.

Today’s tweet of the day comes from @7im, on the (genuinely sorta scary) incident with a Nigerian man on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit this weekend. The first one.

bomber dad email to st dept: esteemed friends. i run a bank here in nigeria. my son is a terr… state dept: *delete*

Last, I’m recycling this from today’s Sunday Mission Walk, but consider it a preview of sorts, and it’s just too awesome to pass up. Pabsi Blue Ribbon, now available at the liquor store at *I think* 24th and Folsom. sunday_mission_walk_122709_075_small